South Australia returns to summer, briefly

Brett Dutschke, 6 July 2019

Many South Australian residents would have been unprepared for a summer-like night such as last night, the warmest for July in decades for some.

It was as much as eight degrees warmer than average in the Adelaide area, only cooling to 16.0 degrees at Kent Town, 15.5 degrees at West Terrace, 14.9 degrees at Adelaide Airport and 14.1 degrees at Parafield. 

A night as warm as this is close to what is experienced on a typical Christmas night.

This was the warmest July night in more than 40 years for Kent Town and 26 years for Adelaide Airport and Parafield, temperatures staying in the mid-to-high teens all night. 

Homes opened up during the past few days or had their heating turned on would have been reasonably uncomfortable for sleeping.

The forecast was for a night about three degrees colder but increased cloud and wind helped keep some of the previous day's warmth lingering well into the night.

Looking ahead to tonight, thickening cloud and some gusty winds will contribute to another mild night for much of the state, including Adelaide. However, rain is sure to help it steadily cool by a few more degrees than last night. Temperatures are expected to drop to near 10 degrees in most areas, still three-to-six degrees warmer than the July average.

Further ahead, clearing skies and colder winds will help make the next several nights a few degrees colder.