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  1. National

    THU 22:08 CST:
    Severe Thunderstorm Warning (Damaging Winds And Heavy Rainfall) for parts of Simpson district
    THU 22:01 CDT:
    Sheep Graziers Warning for Friday for Mid North, Mount Lofty Ranges, Kangaroo Island, Upper South East and Lower South East
    THU 22:00 CDT:
    Strong Wind Warning Friday Spencer, St Vincent, Invest St, Adel Metropolitan Waters & Far West, Upper West, L West, Central, S Cent
    THU 22:22 EDT:
    Strong Wind Warning for East Gippsland Coast
    THU 22:00 EDT:
    Strong Wind Warning Lower E & South E Coasts. Cancelled East of Flinders Is, Fred Hen Bay & Norfolks, Storm Bay & Upper East & SW coasts
    THU 22:00 EDT:
    Strong Wind Warning for Hunter, Sydney, Illawarra and Eden coasts. Cancellation for Batemans Coast
    THU 21:59 EDT:
    Cancelled Road Weather Alert for Central North, North East, Midlands, South East & East Coast
    THU 21:57 EDT:
    Moderate Flood Warning For The South Esk River
    THU 16:00 WST:
    Strong Wind Warning for Albany, Esperance and Eucla coasts. Cancellation for Leeuwin Coast
    THU 16:51 EST:
    Tropical Cyclone Advice For Queensland
    THU 16:58 EDT:
    Minor Flood Warning For The North Esk River
    THU 15:35 EST:
    Final Flood Warning For Eyre Creek
    THU 16:18 EDT:
    Initial Flood Watch For The Castlereagh, Bell, Macquarie, Belubula Rivers And Mandagery Creek
    THU 13:00 EST:
    Minor Flood Warning For The Paroo River (Qld)
    THU 11:54 EDT:
    Flood Watch For North East And East Coast Catchments
    WED 17:08 EDT:
    Initial Minor Flood Warning for the Paroo River (NSW)
    WED 08:50 EDT:
    Moderate Flood Warning for the Warrego River (NSW)