Snow-capped Kunanyi/Mount Wellington hiding a dry start to 2019

Ben Domensino, 29 July 2019

Fresh snow settled on the peak of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington on Monday morning as showers soaked the streets of Hobart. But while these wintry scenes are typical during July, it's been yet another drier-than-usual month in southeastern Tasmania.

Image: Sunset and snow on top of Kunanyi/Mount Wellington earlier this month. Image: Pat McInnes

As of 9am on Monday, Hobart had received 46.6mm of rain so far this month, which is slightly below the city's long-term average of 52.4mm for July. With little rain expected to fall before 9am on Wednesday, this is likely to be the city's seventh consecutive drier-than-usual month.

Hobart's running total for 2019 was 175.8mm at 9am on Monday. This was the fourth lowest total on record to this point in the year, with data available back to 1882. Hobart usually receives about 334mm to this point in the year.

It's a similar story for the recently snow-capped Kunanyi/Mount Wellington, which usually receives 536mm between January and July, but has only has seen 271mm so far this year.

Outside Hobart, July has been a contrasting month of rainfall across Tasmania. Some areas in the state's west have received more than twice their average rain for the month, while parts of the east coast have seen less than 40 per cent of their usual July rainfall.