A trifle nippy for this time of year in Australia's southeast

Brett Dutschke, 31 March 2019

Parts of southern Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania were five-to-10 degrees colder than average overnight and had their coldest March night in many years.

It was the coldest March night in 35 years at Cobar, dipping to 6.5 degrees, coldest March night in 32 years at Hobart Airport (3.4), and the coldest March night in at least 20 years at Eildon (4.0 degrees), Cabramurra (-1.3), Moruya (3.8), Mount Boyce (3.0), Sydney Airport (11.5), Terrey Hills (9.8) and Toowoomba (9.3).

Even the Sydney and Brisbane areas felt the bite. It was the coldest March night in 14 years in Sydney city (12.5 degrees), 11 years in Brisbane City (15.3), Horsley Park (8.0), Bankstown (9.3), Ipswich (10.4), Brisbane Airport (13.0), Archerfield (13.9) and Redcliffe (14.4).

One of the coldest places in the country was the on the snow-covered top of Thredbo where it recorded a minimum temperature of -4.2 degrees, an 18-year low for March.

And for much of southeastern Australia winds were fresh and gusty enough to make it feel even colder for those outside at the time.

One of the strongest cold fronts since last spring was the main culprit. It brought the heaviest and most plentiful showers in three-to-four months to parts of South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria and scattered snow on the Tasmanian highlands and as low as about 1200 metres on the Victorian and NSW alps (as much as 10-15 centimetres worth nearer the peaks). A high pressure system had squeezed its way in to partially clear skies and cause wind to ease somewhat, allowing to get so cold.

The high will lead to another chilly night or two ahead but most places are unlikely to get as cold as last night.

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