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  • Minor To Major Flood Warning For The Namoi River Tue 30 Nov 2021

    Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, New South Wales
    Minor To Major Flood Warning For The Namoi River 
    Issued at 07:54 AM EDT on Tuesday 30 November 2021
    Flood Watch Number: 55
     Flooding at Gunnedah continues to ease and river levels will fall below the major flood level Tuesday Morning. The flood peak is now nearing Narrabri, where it is expected to peak on Tuesday, with major flooding.
     Major flooding continues downstream at Wee Waa, where water levels are expected to remain near the current level with major flooding.
     Moderate flooding is occurring at Bugilbone and minor flooding is occurring at Goangra. Renewed river level rises to the moderate flood level are possible at Goangra.
     Forecast rainfall on Tuesday and Wednesday may cause further river rises and flooding in the Namoi River and Peel Rivers. The situation is being closely monitored.
    Namoi River:
    Major flooding is occurring at Gunnedah, Narrabri and Wee Waa. Moderate flooding is occurring at Bugilbone. Minor flooding is occurring at Boggabri and Goangra. Moderate flooding is possible at Goangra.
    The Namoi River at Gunnedah is currently at 7.87 metres and falling slowly, with major flooding.
    The Namoi River at Boggabri is currently at 8.03 metres and falling with minor flooding.
    The Narrabri Creek at Narrabri is expected to peak near 7.40 metres during Tuesday.
    The Namoi River at Wee Waa (Glencoe) is currently at 7.53 metres and falling slowly. An extended peak, with major flooding, is expected for the coming week.
    The Namoi River at Bugilbone may peak near 6.20 metres during Thursday, with moderate flooding.
    The Namoi River at Goangra may reach the moderate flood level (6.70 m) during Wednesday 8 December, with moderate flooding.
    Flood Safety Advice:
    In life threatening emergencies, call 000 (triple zero) immediately. If you require rescue, assistance to evacuate or other emergency help, ring NSW SES on 132 500.
     * Avoid drowning. Stay out of rising water, seek refuge in the highest available place.
     * Prevent damage to your vehicle. Move it under cover, away from areas likely to flood.
     * Avoid being swept away. Stay out of fast-flowing creeks and storm drains.
     * Never drive, ride or walk through flood water. Flood water can be deceptive and dangerous.}
    For more emergency information, advice, and access to the latest river heights and rainfall observations and forecasts:
     * NSW SES:
     * RMS Live Traffic:
     * Latest River Heights and Rainfall Observations:
     * Latest NSW Warnings:
     * Rainfall Forecasts:
     * BOM NSW Twitter:
    Next issue:
    The next warning will be issued by 09:00 am EDT on Wednesday 01 December 2021.
    Latest River Heights:
    Goonoon Goonoo Creek at Goonoo Goonoo,1.12,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Peel River at Piallamore,2.37,Falling,06:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Cockburn River at Mulla Crossing,0.88,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Peel River at Tamworth Road Bridge,1.19,Falling,07:21 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Peel River at Carrol Gap,2.42,Falling,06:30 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Manilla,2.19,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Mooki River at Breeza Station,3.27,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Gunnedah,7.87,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Coxs Creek at Boggabri,3.72,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Boggabri,8.03,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Narrabri Creek at Narrabri,7.25,Rising,04:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Wee Waa (Glencoe),7.53,Falling,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Bugilbone,5.71,Rising,07:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    Namoi River at Goangra,5.81,Rising,05:00 AM TUE 30/11/21
    This advice is also available by dialling 1300 659 210. Warning, rainfall and river information are available at The latest weather forecast is available at