Warm and dry in Perth

Ben Domensino, 1 April 2019

Perth just had its driest start to a year, and warmest March days, in five years.

Perth's rain gauge only collected 13.6mm between January and March, making this the city's driest start to a calendar year since 2014 and its second driest in 15 years.

Perth usually receives about 50mm of rain between January and March, based on data collected at the site during the last 26 years.

March's paltry contribution of 6.2mm coincided with warmer-than-average days in the city last month. Perth's average maximum temperature during March was 30.1 degrees, which is the city's highest for the month since 2014.

Summer is typically Perth's driest and warmest time of year, although the city has been even drier and warmer than usual in recent weeks.

Rainfall typically starts to pick up during late autumn and peaks in the middle of the year.