Two 'out of season' tropical disturbances

Graeme Brittain, 11 May 2019

The Australian tropical cyclone season runs from November to April (inclusive), but two tropical systems are expected within a week of each other.

Tropical Cyclone Lili formed just north of Australia's Northern Region on Thursday, in the Indonesian area of responsibility. The system kept well north of the mainland and has since dissipated, due to the interaction with a strong high pressure system over the Australain continent.

Further east, a tropical low is tracking towards the central Coral Sea. According to the BOM, this system is unlikely to develop into a tropical cyclone as a result of a highly unfavourable atmospheric environment.

Even though it is unlikely to develop into a cyclone, it will still have impacts for northern parts of the Sunshine State. As the system heads closer to the Queensland coast, areas of gusty winds and heavy rain will develop — particularly between Cooktown and Mackay on Tuesday and Wednesday.