Relentless weather from Tropical Storms in Japan and China

Scott Morris, 11 August 2019

Tropical Storm Krosa is expected to make landfall over Japan in the coming days, this occurring after China was impacted by another Tropical Storm, Lekima, a few days ago.

Tropical Storm Lekima crossed the coast of China, just south of Shanghai, at 1am CST on Saturday 10th. It is currently near Yangchen, moving NNW at aprroximately 28 km/h. The maximum sustained winds for this system are 83km/h with gusts of just over 100km/h.

The winds were not the only destructive property of Lekima. Flooding rainfall is helping to increase the risk of mudslides. Some areas could potentially receive over 200mm of rainfall from this system.

Winds are not only damaging in their own right, but are capable of whipping up dangerous seas, with maximum significant wave heights of just under 4 meters already observed from TS Lekima.

On its current trajectory, TS Lekima should continue moving north but linger in the northeast of China for a couple of days, gradually beginning to weaken by tomorrow.

If one Tropical Storm wasn't bad enough, Tropical Storm Krosa is expected to impact Japan around the middle of this coming week.

The system is currently south of Japan, moving NNW at about 9 km/h. When Krosa strikes Japan, the strongest winds from the system should be averaging around 130km/h and gusting 157km/h.

The effects of this system are likely to be similar to TS Lekima, possibly worse. The slow moving nature of this system means that it could linger over open waters just south of Japan, causing days of heavy rainfall in some places which may lead to flooding.

By Friday the system is expected to weaken and continue to move north, hopefully bringing some relief for those affected.