Lightning show for WA

Thomas Hough, 4 November 2018

Western Australia experienced a day of thunderstorms yesterday with a low pressure trough triggering storms in nine of the states districts.

Storms were spread across WA yesterday stretching from the Kimberley down to Esperance, occurring in all but 5 of the states districts, with those missing out all in the southwest of the state.

Whilst thunderstorms sparked up across such a large area, they were most frequent over the Goldfields, with tens of thousands of lightning strikes recorded between midday yesterday and midnight this morning. Within a 50km radius of Leonora there were just over 22,500 strikes, about 7,000 of which were ground strikes. Slightly further south, Kalgoorlie also saw its fair share, with just over 28,000 strikes recorded with a 50km radius, around 4,300 of which were ground strikes.

Storms have now eased over the northern half of the state, however, they are continuing over the southeast as the low pressure trough gradually pushes further east. As a ridge of high pressure builds over the state into the evening and tomorrow, storms should continue to dwindle and skies should begin to clear.

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