Eastern QLD's soaking almost over

Kim Westcott, 6 July 2019

Unseasonable rain over the past few days has seen locations in Queensland’s North Tropical Coast and Central Coast pick up over 100mm of rain. 

The Pioneer River area received a bulk of the rain, with two-day totals of 161mm at Mount William, 150mm at Clarke Range and 129mm at Upper Finch Hatton. 

Mackay MO had it’s wettest July day since 2008, with 59mm landing in the gauge in the 24 hours to 9am Saturday. On average, Mackay usually would only see 41mm for the entire month of July. 

In the Capricornia district during the past 24 hours, Rockhampton recorded 26mm, which is around 80% of the July average. Samuel Hill saw 48mm and Yeppon picked up 44mm. 

Although it wasn’t all sunshine inland either. Rain reached the Central West, with 24 hours totals of 22mm at Ulcanbah, 20mm at Jochmus and 19mm at Marengo. Even a tiny sprinkle reached Longreach yesterday, which is over 500km away from the coast. 

Rain also reached parts of the Maranoa, with Roma picking up 3mm of rain, the most rain recorded in just under a month. The 2mm that was recorded in Mitchell was the heaviest day of rain since early May. 

This rain was courtesy of a trough which was fuelled by persistent moist onshore winds. The trough will begin to dissipate today as a high pressure system takes over. Breezy showery winds will still persist along the entire stretch of the Queensland coast for at least the next few days.