Drastic shift in temperatures for southeast Queensland

Scott Morris, 7 September 2019

Temperatures in the southeast of Queensland soared yesterday after northwesterly winds drew heat into the region, however, cooler southwesterly winds are set to bring about change.

On Friday, Brisbane reached 34.8 degrees, 9.2 degrees above the average. This was the city's hottest day since March and its hottest this early in the season in 10 years. Furthermore, each day from Wednesday to Friday saw the city reach 33.7, 31.7 and 34.8 degrees respectively. This is the first time in 105 years Brisbane has reached at least 31.7 degrees on three consecutive September days.

Elsewhere in the southeast, Archerfield experienced a 35.1 degree day and Beaudesert had a 34.7 degree maximum, for both, their hottest day since March and for Archerfield, its hottest this early in a decade as well. 

However, this spell of heat is about to change as a cooler airmass is moving in with southwesterly winds. Maximum temperatures should drop significantly from yesterday in most places, with Brisbane forecast to be about eight degrees cooler than yesterday.

A severe weather warning for these damaging southwesterly winds was issued early today for the Southeast Coast but has since been cancelled due to the dry winds dying down.

These dry winds combined with the high temperatures have caused a Very High Fire Danger Rating to be issued for today and tomorrow in the Southeast Coast, Darling Downs and Granite Belt and Wide Bay and Burnett districts.

Another burst of cold air with strong winds is expected for southeast Queensland on Monday which could see some places experiencing below average maxima for the first time this month.