Snow season update

Ben Domensino, 20-Jun

While Australia's natural snow depth only increased slightly over the last week, the ski slopes have been enjoying ideal snowmaking conditions.

Freezing start to Thursday

Ben Domensino, 20-Jun

Australia registered its lowest June temperature in eight years on Thursday morning as frost formed in every state and territory.

More rain on the horizon for Perth

Ben Domensino, 19-Jun

It's going to be a wet weekend in Perth, as a cold front brings a burst of wind and rain to Western Australia.

NSW weather: Frost in the west, rain in the east

Ben Domensino, 19-Jun

Widespread frost will develop across NSW during the next few nights, while heavy showers are set to develop for some areas east of the ranges this weekend.

Record early-season ice melt in Greenland

Ben Domensino, 18-Jun

A burst of warm and sunny weather in the Arctic last week caused the most extensive early-season surface melt on the Greenland ice sheet in recorded history.

Aurora from space

Ben Domensino, 18-Jun

A NASA astronaut has enjoyed the rare privilege of witnessing our planet's auroras from above and below.

Heavy rain hits Sydney

Ben Domensino, 17-Jun

Sydney was drenched by its heaviest rain in three months on Monday.

Winter storms soak southeast Queensland

Ben Domensino, 17-Jun

Out-of-season thunderstorms brought more than 100mm of rain to parts of southeast Queensland during the last 24 hours.

Soggy Sunday for Sydney

Andrew Casper-Richardson, 16-Jun

Sydneysiders awoke to a soggy morning on Sunday as an offshore low pressure trough drove showers through the basin.

Change on the cards for southeast Queensland

Scott Morris, 16-Jun

In the southeast of Queensland, some unseasonable warmth has lingered around for the past couple of days, however these conditions aren't expected to last.

Wet conditions persist for western TAS

Hannah Wilson, 15-Jun

A band of persistent cold fronts is continuing to drench parts of western Tasmania, while eastern TAS remains in a rainfall deficit.

The difference a little cloud makes

Joel Pippard, 15-Jun

Some towns in New South Wales have woken up to wildly different morning temperatures thanks to a cloudband over the northeast.

Record June warm spell in Sydney

Ben Domensino, 14-Jun

Sydney experienced an unprecedented run of June warmth this week.

Natural snow depth takes a hit

Ben Domensino, 14-Jun

Warm air and rain have taken a toll on Australia's natural snow depth during the last week.

A second soaking for southern NSW

Kim Westcott, 13-Jun

A slow-moving low pressure trough left some healthy falls across southern New South Wales yesterday.

Snow Outlook

Thomas Hough, 13-Jun

After a few days of no snowfall, what does the next week look like and will there be any significant falls? Whilst the upcoming week will bring a few flurries of the white stuff, unfortunately no really significant falls are expected.

Frontal deluge for South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania

Jacobus Cronje, 12-Jun

A significant rain-bearing cold front, currently situated over the eastern parts of South Australia and western Victoria, is slowly making its way over the southeastern parts of the country, bringing the best June rainfall in decades to some stations.

Unseasonable winter warmth for QLD

Kim Westcott, 12-Jun

Parts of inland Queensland have had a few toasty winter days.

Heat in the east brought about by cold front

Jacobus Cronje, 11-Jun

A spell of above-average daytime heat is expected across New South Wales this week, particularly on Wednesday.

Rain for the south

Thomas Hough, 11-Jun

Rain is on the way for parts of South Australia and Victoria tomorrow as a frontal system crosses the south.

More winter wind

Thomas Hough, 10-Jun

A frontal system moving across the south of the continent brought another period of strong winds to coastal South Australia and Victoria last night.

Brisk winds bring in cooler air for the Capital

Scott Morris, 10-Jun

A severe weather warning for damaging winds was issued by the Bureau of Meteorology today for southeastern parts of NSW, including the nation's capital, Canberra.

Australian Alps snow forecast

Sam Brown, 09-Jun

Conditions across the Australian Alps are likely to deteriorate from this afternoon and into tomorrow, with the best conditions in the next week looking to be Tuesday 11th June.

A hazy day for Sydney's west

Scott Morris, 09-Jun

Fog mixed with smoke from hazard reduction burning has caused the air quality in Sydney this morning to be rated poor in some parts.

Winter rains set in on WA

Hannah Wilson, 08-Jun

Yesterday's passing cold front saw many parts of southern and central WA experience their wettest day yet for this year.

Thick fog impacting Sydney

Brett Dutschke, 08-Jun

Fog has become widespread across Sydney and very thick in some areas early this morning, causing travel headaches.

Welcome rain in parts of WA

Ben Domensino, 07-Jun

Geraldton has seen more rain during the last 24 hours than the last nine months combined.

Warmth returning to Australia's southeast

Ben Domensino, 07-Jun

Unseasonably warm air will return to southeastern Australia during the next several days, ending the region's chilly start to winter.

Wet weather looms for parched WA

Ben Domensino, 06-Jun

A series of cold fronts will bring welcome rain to parts of Western Australia during the next five days.

Australian climate update: June 2019

Ben Domensino, 05-Jun

Australia just had one of its warmest autumns on record, continuing an exceptionally warm start to 2019 in some parts of the country.

It's official: best early-season snow in 19 years

Ben Domensino, 05-Jun

The official snow depth measured at Spencers Creek on Tuesday confirmed that Australia’s alps are having their best start to the ski season since the year 2000.

Huge swell batters NSW coast

Ben Domensino, 04-Jun

Massive waves were slamming into the NSW coast on Tuesday as a deep low pressure system churns up the Tasman Sea.

Snow, rain and damaging winds in NSW

Ben Domensino, 04-Jun

Parts of central and northern NSW have woken to a blanket of snow as heavy rain and damaging winds lash the state's coast.

Parts of Sydney brace for wild weather on Tuesday

Ben Domensino, 03-Jun

A burst of damaging winds, heavy rain and damaging surf will lash parts of the Sydney Basin on Tuesday morning, causing dangerous weather during the city’s morning commute.

Severe weather lashing southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 03-Jun

Parts of southeastern Australia are being warned of heavy rain, damaging winds, powerful surf and low-level snow during the next 24 hours.

WA's summery start to Winter

Joel Pippard, 02-Jun

On the first day of the winter season, several locations in southwestern parts of Western Australia have seen their hottest June day in over a decade.

Rain for the southeast!

Jess Miskelly, 02-Jun

Another burst of cold air will spread across the southeast over the next few days, knocking temperatures into the low teens or single digits for all major capitals Tuesday afternoon, and bringing further snow to the alps and Tablelands.

Driest May in 55 years for Perth

Graeme Brittain, 01-Jun

Western Australia's capital city has just registered its second-driest May on record.

Sydney's balmy autumn

Joel Pippard, 01-Jun

Sydney has just recorded its third warmest autumn on record, along with its fifth warmest May.

Frosty start in southern Queensland

Ben Domensino, 31-May

Parts of Queensland registered their lowest May temperature in more than 40 years on the final morning of autumn.

Early skiing after prolific May snow

Ben Domensino, 31-May

Some of Australia's big ski resorts will be open this weekend after one of the best May snowfalls in decades.