Monstrous waves recorded off Sydney coast

Ben Domensino, 22-Aug

An large and powerful swell hit the NSW coast on Thursday, with maximum wave heights exceeding 13 meters near Sydney.

Waves building after windy night in southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 22-Aug

Surf is building along the NSW coast this morning after wild winds lashed parts of southeastern Australia overnight.

Wild winds and waves to batter southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 21-Aug

Damaging winds, blizzards and wild surf will continue to pummel parts of southeastern Australia during the next 24-48 hours.

Early bushfire season in parts of NSW

Ben Domensino, 21-Aug

Some areas in NSW have started their bushfire season early this year in response to unusually warm and dry weather.

Windy weather prompts warnings across Australia

Ben Domensino, 20-Aug

A strong high pressure system and a cold front will produce blustery winds from Tasmania to the Top End on Tuesday.

Queensland dust blows over Gulf of Carpentaria

Ben Domensino, 19-Aug

Strong winds ejected a large plume of Queensland dust across Gulf of Carpentaria on Monday.

Cold snap sends shivers across southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 19-Aug

A mass of cold polar air caused rain, hail and snow across multiple states and territories during the weekend, with more wintry weather on the way in the coming days.

Wet and windy week ahead for Tasmania

Craig McIntosh, 18-Aug

Australia's southernmost state is about the feel the brunt of the Roaring Forties, with a run of cold fronts lining up to deliver wild weather.

Wintery chill for Perth

Hannah Wilson, 18-Aug

Those in Perth will have woken up to a chilly one this morning, with the cities' temperature falling to a cool 3 degrees overnight in the wake of Friday's strong cold front.

Western Australia rain, snow and frost

Sam Brown, 17-Aug

A strong cold front delivered at least some rain to most central and southern districts of WA, except for Eucla, over the last 24 hours.

Quick change for Canberra

Thomas Hough, 17-Aug

You'd be forgiven for thinking that summer was making an early start in Canberra at the moment, but that's all about to change.

Stubborn snow in central NSW

Ben Domensino, 16-Aug

Snow is still sitting on the ground in parts of central NSW today, five days after it stopped falling from the sky.

Cold snap looms for southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 16-Aug

Another burst of wintry weather will cause showers, thunderstorms, blustery winds and low-level snow in southeastern Australia from this weekend.

Putting last week's alpine snow into a historical context

Ben Domensino, 15-Aug

Snowy Hydro have released their latest natural snow depth measurements for the Snowy Mountains.

Wet week in Western Australia

Ben Domensino, 14-Aug

Wet and stormy weather will affect a large area of Western Australia this week.

Temperatures see-saw in NSW

Ben Domensino, 14-Aug

Temperatures are bouncing back across NSW after last week's cold snap, although more wintry weather is on the way for parts of the state.

Snow lingering in central NSW

Ben Domensino, 13-Aug

Snow was still visible across parts of central NSW on Tuesday afternoon.

Rare lightning near the North Pole

Ben Domensino, 13-Aug

Lightning was detected near the North Pole on the weekend in a rare display of polar thunderstorms.  A number of lightning strikes occurred within 500 kilometres of the North Pole on Saturday, according to the U.S.

Kangaroos in the snow

Ben Domensino, 12-Aug

A video of Kangaroos jumping across a snow-covered paddock in NSW on the weekend has gone viral around the world.

Snow lingering after wintry weekend

Ben Domensino, 12-Aug

A big area of snow is still on the ground in central NSW as temperatures struggle to bounce back after the weekend's icy blast.

Relentless weather from Tropical Storms in Japan and China

Scott Morris, 11-Aug

Tropical Storm Krosa is expected to make landfall over Japan in the coming days, this occurring after China was impacted by another Tropical Storm, Lekima, a few days ago.

Windy weekend wrap-up

Jacobus Cronje, 11-Aug

The southern and southeastern parts of the country have been lashed by persistent, at times damaging and even destructive winds in places during the last four days.  Starting earlier this week; Thursday saw South Australia, Tasmania and Victoria experience the first in series low pressure systems, low pressure troughs and cold fronts.

Cool running for Sydney's City2Surf

Kim Westcott, 10-Aug

It will be a cool and breezy start for the runners of the 49th City2Surf.

Snowflakes dust eastern NSW

Jacobus Cronje, 10-Aug

Residents in elevated eastern parts of NSW woke to find a few inches of snow on Saturday morning, thanks to the many cold fronts and cold-air systems that are are still crossing the southeastern parts of the country.

Season-saving snow hits the alps

Ben Domensino, 09-Aug

More than half a metre of fresh snow has accumulated in parts of Australia's mainland alps during the last two days, with more on the way.

Severe wintry weather battering southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 09-Aug

Damaging winds, low-level snow, dust storms and heavy rain have all featured during the first 24 hours of a four-day spell of severe wintry weather.

From fire danger to snow potential in two days

Ben Domensino, 08-Aug

Warm and windy weather has prompted a fire weather warning in southern Queensland today, just two days before temperatures get cold enough for a chance of snow on the Granite Belt.

Four days of dangerous wintry weather ahead

Ben Domensino, 08-Aug

Severe weather warnings have been issued in four states and territories as Australia's southeast braces for a multi-day spell of intense, wintry weather.

Snow to low levels later this week

Ben Domensino, 07-Aug

A mass of cold polar air is likely to cause snow to low levels in southeastern Australia later this week.

Aurora australis seen from Australia

Ben Domensino, 06-Aug

The aurora australis could be seen from parts of southern Australia this week.

Wintry weather inbound for southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 06-Aug

A series of cold fronts being driven by a deep low pressure system will cause rain, hail, thunderstorms, heavy snow, damaging winds and blizzards in southeastern Australia during the second half of this week.  A large pool of cold, upper level air surging out of the Southern Ocean will pass over Australia's southeastern states between Thursday and Sunday.  Image: ECMWF-HRES model showing 850hPa air teperature and mean sea level pressure on Saturday, August 10th.

Warmer, drier than usual weather on the horizon

Ben Domensino, 05-Aug

Warmer and drier than usual weather is expected to be on the cards for most of Australia between August and October, according to the Bureau of Meteorology.

Australia sets new record for consecutive warm months

Ben Domensino, 05-Aug

Australia just registered its 4th warmest and 12th driest July in more than a century of records.

Warm weather on the way ahead of a looming cold front

Hannah Wilson, 04-Aug

New South Wales and South Australia's interior regions are set for a string of warm days this week, ahead of looming cold front expected Wednesday evening.

Dusty, dry and a bit chilly in the Kimberley

Jacobus Cronje, 04-Aug

While the southwestern parts of WA are currently in the grips of a passing cold front, some chilly overnight conditions were also experienced over the far northeastern parts of the state.

Hot and dry winter for Northern Australia

Hannah Wilson, 03-Aug

Above average temperatures and rain deficits are continuing to break records across Australia's north.  2019 has already seen multiple records fall for Northern Australia in terms of both temperature and rainfall with the Top End recording its hottest wet season ever, as well its driest wet season since 1992.

Wintery weekend weather expected in Perth

Jacobus Cronje, 03-Aug

Temperatures are currently in the low twenties across Perth, but the mild conditions are expected to give way to a period of rainfall, thunderstorms and elevated wind speeds as a cold front crosses the southwestern parts of the country on Saturday.