Spring heat for Western Australia

Sam Brown, 17-Nov

A hot air mass lingering over much of Western Australia is creating sweltering conditions.

A taste of the summer heat for Adelaide

Scott Morris, 17-Nov

Over the last month, southeast SA has escaped the most intense spells of heat with many days coming in below average to start off November, with today being no exception.

Winter not releasing its grip on Tasmania just yet

Craig McIntosh, 16-Nov

Persistent cold fronts have been keeping any real hint of summer away from Tasmania, with more on the way this week.

Elevated fire danger across southeast QLD and northern NSW

Felix Levesque, 16-Nov

Fire weather continues into this weekend with numerous ‘Severe’ and an ‘Extreme’ Fire Danger Rating across NSW and QLD.

Pre-summer heat challenging records in WA

Ben Domensino, 15-Nov

A hot air mass is challenging springtime records in Western Australia this week.  While temperatures typically start to climb across Western Australia in spring, this week's heat is pushing the mercury to levels previously not observed before the start of summer.

Hot air to spread across Australia, raising fire danger

Ben Domensino, 15-Nov

A mass of hot air will sweep across Australia during the next week, elevating fire danger ratings in multiple states and territories.

Hot spell in Perth

Ben Domensino, 14-Nov

Perth is on track to register its first four-day spell of November days at or above 35 degrees in 86 years.

Record-breaking wave in Adriatic Sea

Ben Domensino, 14-Nov

A new wave height record was set in the Adriatic Sea this week.

Warm, dry end to 2019 increasingly likely for NSW

Ben Domensino, 13-Nov

The ongoing influence of two climate drivers will tip the odds in favour of drier and warmer weather in NSW during the final eight weeks of 2019.

Southerly change sweeping up NSW coast

Ben Domensino, 12-Nov

A southerly buster is sweeping up the NSW coast, on track to pass through Wollongong, Sydney and Newcastle during the late afternoon and early evening.

Eastern Australia fire weather update

Ben Domensino, 12-Nov

Tuesday will be a dangerous day for fires in eastern Australia as dry, hot and windy weather affects parts of NSW and southern Queensland.

Snow on the horizon for Tasmania and Victoria

Ben Domensino, 11-Nov

A burst of wintry weather will bring snow to parts of Tasmania and Victoria during the next 48 hours.

Dangerous fire weather sweeping across Australia

Ben Domensino, 11-Nov

A wave of hot, dry and windy weather will elevate fire danger ratings across multiple states and territories during the next three days.

Melbourne's see-sawing temperatures

Thomas Hough, 10-Nov

For those who live in Melbourne, see-sawing temperatures are somewhat of a familiar experience, but what causes it? There have been a couple of instances over the last few weeks where the mercury has climbed 10-14 degrees above average, peaking in the low-to-mid-30's, only to plummet again soon after.

Spike in heat for Sydney

Graeme Brittain, 10-Nov

A low pressure trough will briefly direct a hot airmass across the Sydney basin on Tuesday, causing the mercury to soar into the mid-30's.

Hobart's coldest pair of November days since 2013

Graeme Brittain, 09-Nov

A significant frontal system brought a winter-like feel to the air in Tasmania over the last few days.

Chilly for this time of year in Australia's southeast

Brett Dutschke, 09-Nov

Parts of Tasmania, South Australia, Victoria and southern New South Wales were five-to-10 degrees colder than average overnight and had their coldest November night in more than a decade.

Fires blazing across eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 08-Nov

Dry, hot and windy weather caused a number of large and dangerous fires to burn uncontrollably in eastern Australia on Friday.

Record-challenging heat in Perth as fire danger spikes in WA

Ben Domensino, 08-Nov

Perth is forecast to have one of its hottest November days on record this weekend, as fire danger ratings spike across Western Australia.

Satellite images show dust and smoke across NSW

Ben Domensino, 07-Nov

High resolution images from the Himawari-8 satellite captured plumes of dust and smoke moving over NSW and the Tasman Sea on Thursday.

50-degree temperature range tipped in Australia this weekend

Ben Domensino, 07-Nov

Australia is a land of extremes and wild swings in the weather are part of the package when living down under.

Fire danger rising in eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 06-Nov

Hot, dry and windy weather is likely to cause severe to extreme fire danger ratings in parts of Queensland and NSW during the next two days.

Late-spring chill in southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 06-Nov

A burst of cold, wet and windy weather will hit southeastern Australia during the second half of this week, with Melbourne forecast to have its coldest November day in 12 years.

New Australian record: Three years of above-average monthly temperatures

Ben Domensino, 05-Nov

Australia has just registered 36 consecutive warmer-than-usual months for the first time on record.

One of Australia's warmest and driest Octobers

Ben Domensino, 04-Nov

Australia just had its third warmest and equal fifth driest October on record.

Welcome weekend rain in western NSW

Ben Domensino, 04-Nov

  The best rain in more than six months fell over parts of western NSW on the weekend.

Things are getting hot in northwestern WA

Craig McIntosh, 03-Nov

Temperatures are likely to rise significantly over the coming days for northwestern WA as a trough deepens over the region.

Much needed rain soaks NSW

Andrew Casper-Richardson, 03-Nov

A broad low pressure trough has brought welcome rain to western and southern parts of New South Wales on Saturday afternoon through Sunday morning.

Rain begins across southern Australia

Felix Levesque, 02-Nov

The much needed rain has begun falling over South Australia and Victoria.

Another day of bad air quality for Sydney

Graeme Brittain, 02-Nov

Smoke haze will remain across the Harbour City today, as fires continue to burn over northeastern parts of New South Wales.

Welcome rain on the horizon for southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 01-Nov

Rain and thunderstorms will spread over southern and southeastern Australia during the next five days.

Tropical cyclone season begins

Ben Domensino, 01-Nov

Australia's 2019/20 tropical cyclone season starts today, although it may be awhile before we see our first system crossing the coast.

Halloween heat hits southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 31-Oct

October heat records are being challenged in parts of southern Australia today.

Rain looms for parched Murray Darling Basin

Ben Domensino, 31-Oct

Parts of central western Queensland have seen more than 80mm of rain during the last two days, with the Murray Darling Basin next in line for some welcome wet weather.

Smoke and fog blanket eastern NSW

Ben Domensino, 31-Oct

A mix of smoke and fog is reducing visibility and air quality in eastern NSW today.

Fire danger rising in southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 30-Oct

An impending burst of hot, dry and windy weather has prompted a total fire ban in parts of South Australia and Tasmania on Thursday.

Skies open over central Queensland

Ben Domensino, 30-Oct

Welcome rain has soaked parts of central western Queensland during the last 24 hours, with more to come over the next two days.

Catastrophic fire danger before cold air hits WA

Ben Domensino, 29-Oct

Parts of Western Australia will experience Catastrophic fire danger ratings during the middle of this week before a burst of cold, wet and windy weather sweeps across the southern half of the state.

Rain and storms ahead for eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 29-Oct

Rain could be on the horizon for a broad area of drought-weary eastern Australia, with two seperate system likely to bring wet and stormy weather during the next week.