Late September snow for the Alps

Thomas Hough, 22-Sep

As thoughts turn to warmer weather and what lies ahead for Australia's summer, there may be some already missing the colder days of winter and the snow season.

Rain and thunderstorms heading to northwest and central Australia

Sam Brown, 22-Sep

An upper level trough drawing moisture from the tropical Indian Ocean may deliver some welcome rain to the Western Australia's Northern and Southern Interior and Northern Territory's Lasseter districts.

Warm September night for Tasmania ahead of front

Jacobus Cronje, 21-Sep

Tasmania just had a very warm September night, the second night in a row that minimum temperatures across the state were reporting well above average.  Warm air from mainland Australia has filtered down to the southeastern parts of the country, forced further south by strong winds from the interior associated with an approaching cold front.

Low making a warm, windy, stormy mark on southeastern Australia

Sam Brown, 21-Sep

A low pressure system and associated front are crossing New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania today bringing strong winds, rain, thunderstorms and high temperatures.

Mammatus after a warm night in Melbourne

Ben Domensino, 20-Sep

Unusual clouds have appeared over Melbourne for the second time in as many weeks, following the city's warmest night in at least four months.

This week's rain just a drop in Sydney's dams

Ben Domensino, 19-Sep

A wet start to the week did little to boost the Sydney's water storage levels, according to a report released by Water NSW on Thursday.

Early season fire weather hits South Australia

Ben Domensino, 19-Sep

Parts of South Australia are experiencing their most intense September fire weather in more than a decade on Thursday.

Welcome rain in eastern NSW

Ben Domensino, 18-Sep

The heaviest rain in 1-3 years has fallen in parts of eastern NSW during the last couple of days, prompting a flood watch in parts of the lower Hunter and Central Coast.

Severe storm threat in NSW, QLD

Ben Domensino, 17-Sep

Thunderstorms are moving through northeast NSW and southeast Queensland this afternoon, prompting warnings in some areas.

How did it snow so low in NSW and the ACT?

Ben Domensino, 17-Sep

  Snow fell to low levels in NSW and the ACT overnight, with a few flakes even reaching Canberra.

Fire danger in NSW, QLD on Tuesday

Ben Domensino, 16-Sep

A fire weather warning has been issued for parts of southeast Queensland on Tuesday, with challenging fire weather also on the cards in northeast NSW.

Cold, wet and windy weather looms for eastern NSW

Ben Domensino, 16-Sep

Sunshine and spring warmth will be replaced by rain, snow and blustery wind in parts of NSW during the next two days.

Don't count on Sydney's sunshine to stick around

Kim Westcott, 15-Sep

It was an aptly named Sunday today, with temperatures reaching 28 degrees in the city, and hitting 30 degrees for western Sydney.   A very weak seabreeze and increasing cloud will keep the temperatures up overnight, with the eastern suburbs looking to only drop to 16-to-18 degrees overnight.  On Monday, it will be another warm one.

Proper cold change crossing southern Australia

Brett Dutschke, 15-Sep

This time of year is notable for its big weather swings and this week is no exception with some places in the south of the country expected to cool by as much as 15-20 degrees in 24 hours.

Kalgoorlie Warmth

Thomas Hough, 14-Sep

For those that like the heat, it's been a good couple of days in Kalgoorlie.

Rain on the way for NSW

Joel Pippard, 14-Sep

Widespread showers look to develop early next week, giving some parched parts of New South Wales a needed drink.

Smoke lingering in northeast NSW

Ben Domensino, 13-Sep

Smoke continues to drift across northeast NSW after a week of active bushfires.

Decent mid-September snow base in the alps

Ben Domensino, 12-Sep

Parts of the Australian alps are enjoying one of the best late-season snow bases of the last two decades.

Wave-like clouds appear over Melbourne

Ben Domensino, 12-Sep

A rare cloud formation appeared over Melbourne on Thursday morning, stunning onlookers across the city.

Windy night ahead for Tasmania

Ben Domensino, 11-Sep

A cold front will cross Tasmania on Wednesday night, bringing a burst of wind and rain that could cause damage in some areas.

Spring chill hits Cape Yorke Peninsula

Ben Domensino, 11-Sep

Weipa registered its lowest spring temperature in 25 years on Wednesday morning as cold air spreads across Queensland.

Days soon longer than nights in Australia

Ben Domensino, 10-Sep

  The spring equinox is less than two weeks away, meaning days will soon be longer than nights in Australia and the southern hemisphere.

Unprecedented three-year drought rolls into spring

Ben Domensino, 10-Sep

Parts of the Murray Darling Basin have amassed multi-year rainfall deficiencies that have no precedent during the last 120 years, with more dry weather on the way.

Record early-season heat in Perth

Ben Domensino, 09-Sep

Perth registered its second highest September temperature on record on Monday as the first bout of spring warmth hit the nation's southwest.

Australian smoke travels to New Zealand

Ben Domensino, 09-Sep

  Smoke from bushfires in eastern Australia is passing to the north of New Zealand today.

Huge swells on the way for the NSW coast

Craig McIntosh, 08-Sep

A strong low pressure system making its way east over the Tasman Sea is directing very large swells towards the NSW coast.

Heat returns to southwest WA

Andrew Casper-Richardson, 08-Sep

A low pressure trough will direct a hot airmass over southwestern WA on Monday with some areas reaching 11 degrees above average.

Gustiest front in years for parts of Victoria and NSW

Craig McIntosh, 07-Sep

A deep low and cold front generated wind gusts well over 100km/h in parts of Victoria and NSW on Friday and Saturday.

Drastic shift in temperatures for southeast Queensland

Scott Morris, 07-Sep

Temperatures in the southeast of Queensland soared yesterday after northwesterly winds drew heat into the region, however, cooler southwesterly winds are set to bring about change.

Australian snow depth update

Ben Domensino, 06-Sep

Australia's alps have entered spring with an impressive amount of natural snow still on the ground.

Contrasting weather across Australia

Ben Domensino, 06-Sep

Australia is a land of weather extremes and spring is a season of contrasts across the country.

Spring snow bound of the alps

Ben Domensino, 05-Sep

A series of low pressure systems and cold fronts will bring a bout of fresh snow to the Australian alps at the end of this week.

Early-season warmth in Brisbane

Ben Domensino, 05-Sep

Brisbane is currently experiencing its warmest weather this early in the season for 10 years.

Video reveals damage from Hurricane Dorian

Ben Domensino, 04-Sep

Devastating images are starting to surface from the Bahamas showing the scale of destruction caused by Hurricane Dorian during the last several days.

Spring see-saw in full swing for NSW

Ben Domensino, 04-Sep

Temperatures will drop by more than 10 degrees in parts of NSW later in the week as a cold front sweeps across the state.

Warm, dry winter spilling into spring

Ben Domensino, 03-Sep

Australia's sixth warmest and ninth driest winter on record is likely to be followed by above average temperatures and below average rain this spring.

Bahamas suffering prolonged exposure to powerful Hurricane Dorian

Ben Domensino, 03-Sep

Hurricane Dorian stalled over the Bahamas on Monday, causing a prolonged period of life-threatening weather on Grand Bahama Island.