Wind gusts not seen in years in TAS

Graeme Brittain, 15-Aug

A vigorous frontal system has brought some of the strongest wind gusts in several years across the Apple Island.

Warm dry gusty winds fueling fires in NSW

Graeme Brittain, 15-Aug

Dry gusty winds and unseasonably warm temperatures are leading to Severe Fire Danger in the Greater Hunter, Greater Sydney and Illawarra/Shoalhaven fire areas.

Wetter than average August for Perth

Graeme Brittain, 14-Aug

Even though we are not yet half way through August, Perth has already recorded higher than average rainfall.

Big chill on the way

Graeme Brittain, 14-Aug

Another burst of frigid air is going to push across southeastern Australia this weekend and into early next week.

Dry season downpour in the Tiwis

Joel Pippard, 13-Aug

A moisture-laden trough on Sunday night has produced a rare dry-season downpour over the Tiwi Islands.

Chilly start for NSW and QLD

Joel Pippard, 13-Aug

Bone-dry air with calm winds have brought parts of northern New South Wales and southern Queensland, their coldest morning in over a decade.

Cold front rips through Tasmania

Drew Casper-Richardson, 12-Aug

Another cold front has crossed Tasmania continuing what has been a wet and windy winter.

Sydney's winter weather differences

Angus McLean-Smith, 12-Aug

Australia's largest city can see some distinct differences in weather between its different suburbs.

Understanding the drought in NSW

Kim Westcott, 11-Aug

The word drought is a such an emotive word- but what does drought mean? According to the Bureau of Meteorology, "drought is a prolonged, abnormally dry period when the amount of available water is insufficient to meet our normal use." This is especially significant as it affects many industries and businesses, not to mention its toll on the environment as well as communities.

Perth's run of cold mornings coming to end

Brett Dutschke, 11-Aug

Perth has just had its coldest pair of mornings this late in the season in eight years but the next few are looking progressively warmer.

Windiest day of the year

Ben Domensino, 10-Aug

Parts of southern Australia are having their windiest day so far this year due to the passage of a powerful cold front.

Bumper snow season continues

Ben Domensino, 10-Aug

Australia's ski resorts are enjoying one of their best snow seasons in recent years, with even more fresh powder on the way this weekend.

Properties under threat by NT bushfires

Ben Domensino, 09-Aug

Emergency warnings have been issued for separate fires burning out of control in the Northern Territory's western Top End today.

Damaging winds across southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 09-Aug

A strong cold front sweeping across southern Australia has prompted severe weather warnings for damaging winds in four states.

Wintry weather continues in WA

Ben Domensino, 08-Aug

A strong cold front may cause severe weather and flooding in parts of Western Australia during the next 24 hours.

El Nino does not always mean dry weather

Ben Domensino, 08-Aug

El Nino is synonymous with drought in Australia.

South Australia's welcome August rain

Ben Domensino, 07-Aug

Parts of South Australia are already having a wetter than average August, with two more rain-bearing fronts set to drench the state's south this week.

Snow settles in central NSW

Ben Domensino, 07-Aug

Snow was falling to low levels in southern and central NSW and the ACT on Tuesday morning as a pulse of cold air surged across southeastern Australia.

The day is heating up for today's Darwin Cup

Max Gonzalez, 06-Aug

While the southern states battle the wintry chills, it will be another hot and sunny day for the Northern Territory capital, as punters head to Fanny Bay Racecourse to watch the annual Darwin Cup.

Welcome rainfall for sections of parched NSW

Jacobus Cronje, 06-Aug

Following more than a month of no rain for large parts of NSW, some locations finally managed to pick up some welcome, if modest, rainfall into early Monday.

Warragamba's Water Woes

Angus McLean-Smith, 05-Aug

Sydney's Warragamba Dam currently has its lowest volume of available water in about eight years.

A windy week for southern Australia

Thomas Hough, 05-Aug

A series of low pressure systems will lead a blustery week for those living in the south of the country this week.

Chilly day in WA

Joel Pippard, 04-Aug

After a strong cold front moved through overnight, southern parts of Western Australia are feeling winters sting.

Canberra welcomes the warmth and rain

Kim Westcott, 04-Aug

Warm and windy conditions ended the working week, with finally some good falls for the ACT.

Snow storms heading for Australia's alps

Ben Domensino, 03-Aug

A series of snow-bearing cold fronts could push Australia's natural snow base towards two metres by the end of next week.

Rain returns amid favourable Southern Annular Mode

Ben Domensino, 03-Aug

A flurry of cold fronts will sweep across southern Australia during the next week, causing multiple bouts of rain, thunderstorms, damaging winds and snow.

Dryness increasing in eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 02-Aug

Australia's driest July in 16 years has caused rainfall deficiencies to increase across a large area of eastern Australia.

Record-challenging in southern Europe

Ben Domensino, 02-Aug

Another heat record may be broken in the northern hemisphere this week as temperatures soar in southern Europe.

Death Valley's record hot month

Ben Domensino, 01-Aug

California's Death Valley may have just experienced the hottest calendar month on record anywhere in the world.

Severe weather lashing WA

Ben Domensino, 01-Aug

A strong cold front is causing severe weather in Western Australia today, prompting alerts for dangerous wind, damaging surf and flooding.

Sydney's record warm July

Ben Domensino, 31-Jul

A number of heat-related records were broken in Sydney this month as the city experienced September-like days during the middle of winter.

The hot and cold of drought in NSW

Ben Domensino, 30-Jul

Some parts of drought-stricken NSW are having both their coldest and warmest July in more than 20 years, when considering maximum and minimum temperatures separately.

Sea fog shrouds SA on Saturday

Ben Domensino, 30-Jul

Parts of South Australia were blanketed by a rare type of fog on the weekend, turning a sunny day grey in a matter of minutes.

Showers dampen parts of Sydney

Drew Casper-Richardson, 29-Jul

A low pressure trough brought some light showers to parts of the Sydney Basin in what has been a very dry month for large parts of New South Wales, including Sydney.

Brief relief for the UK

Thomas Hough, 28-Jul

After weeks of baking in 30 degree heat in some areas, the UK is getting some much needed relief.

Windy days ahead for southern Australia

Joel Pippard, 28-Jul

Damaging winds gusting over 100km/h are expected to develop over southern Australia on Sunday with plenty more wind to come during the week.

Don't miss the lunar eclipse this weekend

Ben Domensino, 27-Jul

The second total lunar eclipse of 2018 will occur this weekend across Australia, painting the moon red during the early hours of Saturday morning.