Stormy week continues in NSW

Ben Domensino, 18-Oct

Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued in NSW each day this week, with more dangerous storms likely to develop in central and northern parts of the state on Thursday.

Royal storms not unwelcome in Dubbo

Ben Domensino, 17-Oct

Rain and thunderstorms that disrupted Meghan and Harry's royal visit to Dubbo on Wednesday weren't all bad news.

Rain returning to NSW in October

Ben Domensino, 17-Oct

There has been a remarkable change in the weather across NSW during October, with some drought-weary areas of the state receiving their heaviest rain so far this year.

Roll cloud and mammatus on show in southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 16-Oct

Rain, thunderstorms and odd clouds have swept across South Australia and Victoria during the last 24 hours.

Lows battering Australia's south and east

Ben Domensino, 15-Oct

A pair of low pressure systems are causing severe weather along the eastern and southern coasts of Australia on Monday.

Unseasonable warmth, humidity, rain, storms affecting SA

Brett Dutschke, 14-Oct

A swathe of warmth and humidity more typical of late spring or summer is slowly passing through South Australia, along with rain and storms, good for some but not others.

VIC's turn for wet weather

Kim Westcott, 14-Oct

After several days of settled conditions, Victoria is in for a soggy week.

Darwin's dry start to October

Thomas Hough, 13-Oct

After nearly double the monthly average rainfall last month, Darwin is currently in the midst of its driest start to October in 4 years.

Sydney finally had its mid-winter weather, but in mid-spring

Jacobus Cronje, 13-Oct

With sunshine finally peeking out from behind the clouds in Sydney this Saturday after prolonged cold and rainfall, it's hard to believe that yet more rainfall is expected during the next few days.

Spring dusting of snow hits the alps

Ben Domensino, 12-Oct

Australia's alps received a late-season dusting of snow this week, although it did little to slow the ongoing spring thaw in the mountains.

Early fire season for parts of SA

Ben Domensino, 12-Oct

The upcoming bushfire season will be brought forward by one to two weeks in parts of South Australia due to a dry winter and warm spring.

Supercell storms cause giant hail and a tornado in Queensland

Ben Domensino, 11-Oct

Supercell thunderstorms lashed southeast Queensland on Thursday, prompting the Bureau of Meteorology to issue warnings for tornadoes and giant hail.

Hurricane Michael hits Florida

Ben Domensino, 11-Oct

Hurricane Michael has left a trail of destruction across America's southeastern states after making landfall in Florida on Wednesday.

Storms bring welcome rain in NSW

Ben Domensino, 10-Oct

Parts of NSW received their best rain in more than six months on Wednesday as thunderstorms swept across the state.

El Nino and positive IOD looming

Ben Domensino, 10-Oct

Australia may be affected by El Nino and a positive Indian Ocean Dipole during the coming months.

Windy change to spark storms on Wednesday

Ben Domensino, 09-Oct

A blustery change will sweep over southeastern Australia during the next 24 hours, dropping temperatures in multiple states and triggering thunderstorms in some areas.

Patchy drought in South Australia

Ben Domensino, 09-Oct

Rainfall has been unevenly distributed across South Australia in recent months, resulting in a notable contrast of crop yields across the state's agricultural areas.

Stormy week in Queensland

Ben Domensino, 08-Oct

Severe thunderstorms may develop in Queensland each day this week.

Cyclone season outlook: fewer, not weaker

Ben Domensino, 08-Oct

Australia's upcoming tropical cyclone season is tipped to be quieter than usual in terms of cyclone numbers, but not necessarily cyclone intensity.

Some Monday showers for a dry South Australia

Craig McIntosh, 07-Oct

A trough will cross SA on Monday, bringing showers and a few isolated thunderstorms to a very dry state.

Low lingers off Sydney

Drew Casper-Richardson, 07-Oct

It has been a soggy start to October and more is on the way with a low pressure system lingering just off the Sydney Coast.

Breaking down Sydney's recent rain

Thomas Hough, 06-Oct

Sydney has seen some impressive rainfall over the last couple of days, but how does it stack up against previous month and years.

Friday night lights over central Australia

Craig McIntosh, 06-Oct

Lightning lit up the sky over parts of central Australia on Friday night and early Saturday as thunderstorms made their way east.

Another storm strikes Kalgoorlie

Ben Domensino, 05-Oct

Kalgoorlie has recorded three months worth of rain during the last week.

Brief respite for parts of drought-weary NSW

Ben Domensino, 05-Oct

Welcome rain continues to dampen drought-affected parts of eastern Australia, while parts of Sydney receive their best rain in two years.

Rain and storms sweeping across WA

Ben Domensino, 04-Oct

Parts of Western Australia have received their best rain in a few months as a low pressure system and trough sweeps across the state.

Welcome rain arrives in western NSW

Ben Domensino, 04-Oct

Some areas of parched western NSW have received their best falls so far this year as a  rain-bearing low pressure system moves across eastern Australia.

Wet weather spreading across WA

Ben Domensino, 03-Oct

Rain and storms will affect the southern half of WA during the next three days as a low pressure system sweeps across the state.

Heaviest rain in months to soak eastern states

Ben Domensino, 03-Oct

A low pressure system will bring widespread rain and thunderstorms to Australia's eastern states during the second half of this week.

Australia's driest month in 116 years

Ben Domensino, 02-Oct

Australia just experienced its driest calendar month in more than a century as the nation continues a prolonged spell of below-average rainfall that is defining 2018.

Twin typhoons battering the Western Pacific

Craig McIntosh, 01-Oct

As Typhoon Trami generates destructive winds, flooding rainfall and coastal inundation in Japan, other countries in the Western Pacific are bracing for the arrival of Typhoon Kong-rey.

Kalgoorlie finally gets its rain dues

Jacobus Cronje, 01-Oct

It only rained twice during September this year in Kalgoorlie.

Fire Danger Spikes in the NT

Joel Pippard, 30-Sep

Hot and dry conditions are combining with gusty winds to produce severe and extreme fire danger across the Top End today.

More severe storms for southeast QLD

Graeme Brittain, 30-Sep

A lingering low pressure trough is producing severe thunderstorms this afternoon across southeastern parts of Queensland.

A low and trough brings stormy weather to parts of WA

Craig McIntosh, 29-Sep

A low embedded in a trough over western WA is generating showers and thunderstorms, and will continue to do so across the weekend.

What's in store for the weekends sports?

Thomas Hough, 29-Sep

As the long weekend kicks off, many are keeping a close eye on what the weather holds for today's AFL grand final and tomorrows NRL grand final.