Wet season wraps up

Ben Domensino, 1 May 2019

Northern Australia's wet season has come to an end with mixed results across the tropics.

The 2018/19 wet season, which ran from October to April, favoured Australia's eastern tropics this time around.

Monsoonal rain, enhanced by tropical lows and tropical cyclones, resulted in some areas of northern Queensland picking up more than two metres of rain.

Townsville Airport's 2,048mm was their second highest October to April total on record. Although it should be pointed out that 1,422mm of this feel in just two weeks during late January and early February.

However, the wet season was drier than usual further west.

Darwin only collected 1,175mm of rain according to the Bureau of Meteorology, making it their seventh driest wet season in 77 years of records. Darwin usually receives around 1,688mm of rain between October and April.

The season was also relatively dry in parts of northern WA. Broome's 296mm was just over half of its long-term wet season average. This was significantly less than last season's record-breaking total of 1,733mm.