The cold mornings continue for NSW

Scott Morris, 20 July 2019

Clearer skies and calmer winds have meant that New South Wales has seen minimum temperatures below the average in many places for the past couple of days.

In Sydney this morning, the minimum temperature dipped to 7.0 degrees, only half a degree above yesterday's chilly 6.4 degree minimum. These two temperatures combined are the coldest pair of mornings in 12 months for Observatory Hill.

Not far away at Bankstown Airport, today (2.4 degrees) and yesterday's (3.2 degrees) minimum temperatures were also the coldest pair of mornings for a year.

Elsewhere in NSW, Cessnock, Holsworthy and Bombala all had their coldest mornings of the year at 2.5, 1.1 and -6.6 degrees respectively.

Looking to Alpine regions, these conditions are perfect for skiing as the clear skies will mean good visibility and the colder temperatures (-5.7 at Thredbo Top Station this morning) will help to keep the snow from melting.

Mornings will eventually warm up slightly at the start of the working week, with wind speeds starting to pick up.