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  • Sydney July round-up

    Thomas Hough, 1 August 2020

    Sydney has just had its wettest July since 2011, with 183mm of rain falling, nearly twice the average for this time of year. The vast majority of this fell in the two days from 9am on Sunday 26th as a trough deepend and a low formed over the NSW coast.

    Increased cloud from rain events had a notable impact on temperatures, limiting daytime heating whilst also keeping nights warmer. In terms of maximum temperatures, it was the coolest July since 2015 with an average of 18 degrees. However, this is still nearly two degrees warmer than average. Minimum temperatures were also warmer than average, with this year the warmest July based on minimums since 2016.

    Looking ahead, this month should trend warmer than average for both minima and maxima, whilst rainfall is expected to be near average.