Mid-week cold front a taste of autumn for the southeast

Craig McIntosh, 3 March 2019

A weak cool change currently moving across southeastern Australia will be outmatched by a much stronger cold front this week.

Hot temperatures in southeastern parts of the country over the last few days, including Sunday, are on the decline as a cool change moves in following a trough. There won't be too dramatic of a temperature drop with this change, however, but a strong cold front approaching southern Australia will bring an autumn blast in a couple of days.

Due to reach South Australia on Tuesday afternoon, strong south-westerly winds and a cold airmass will mean many places in the south of the state on Wednesday, including Adelaide, will be lucky to warm higher than the teens. Add wind chill, and Adelaide will feel more like 14 degrees on Wednesday. Moving east, both Melbourne and Hobart are only looking at tops of 17 degrees on Wednesday, and there could even be a dusting of snow over the highest Tasmanian peaks.

Although Canberra will have mild days in the wake of the cold front, once the wind settles and the colder night air can sink to the surface, minimum temperatures are set to fall to around five degrees below average. Thursday will likely be the coldest morning in Canberra this week, dropping down to around six degrees.

For Sydney, there will be around a ten degree drop for maximums from Wednesday to Thursday, following a southerly buster on Wednesday afternoon that will blow away temperatures in the mid-thirties right across the basin.

Warmth won’t take long to return to the southeast however. Temperatures in the high-twenties will be back by Friday for mainland southeastern cities, and the low-twenties for Hobart.