Melbourne mercury Yo-Yo's again

Thomas Hough, 8 December 2019

Temperatures are set to spike in Melbourne tomorrow, however it isn't set to last.

A hot air mass is edging closer to Melbourne today ahead of a low pressure trough. Heat will reach peak intensity tomorrow as dry, gusty northerly winds funnel heat down from the interior.

The mercury is set to reach the high 30's tomorrow afternoon, around 14 degrees hotter than average for this time of year and 18 degrees hotter than the average for the month so far.

Temperatures will likely still be about 35 degrees around 6pm tomorrow evening. A cool change will then arrive, cooling the city by 5-10 degrees in an hour.

A much cooler airmass will then replace the summer-like one, with temperatures peaking nearly 20 degrees cooler on Tuesday. A prolonged cool spell will persist until around Monday 16th at which time more summer-like temperatures look to return.