Heavy rain spreads across New Zealand

Kim Westcott, 19 July 2019

A dose of wet weather weather will affect most of the country over the coming days.

Currently, there is a Heavy Rain Warning for parts of Nelson, with a Heavy Rain Watch extending to parts of northern Marlborough, North Otago, and parts of the Canterbury High Country and Plains.

This rain is courtesy of an intense cold front and low pressure system, which will cross the country on Friday evening, with heavy rain slowly spreading east over the weekend.

By the end of the weekend pockets of the South Island will have seen over 100mm, with parts of the North Island picking up 20-30mm by Sunday evening.

This rain is good news, especially for the southeastern parts of the South Island, where July rainfall has only been around 20% of the average. Although, the school kids trying to enjoy the last few days of holidays might think differently.