Cyclone Ann moves into the Coral Sea

Kim Westcott, 12 May 2019

This morning, Tropical Cyclone Ann reached the Australian region as a weak tropical cyclone.

Ann is currently a category one system, and is over 1000km away from the northern QLD coast.

Tropical Cyclone Ann is expected to move west and towards mainland Australia over the next few days.

At this stage, Ann is forecast weaken on approach, nearing the north QLD coast as a low pressure system around mid-week. While intense wind that tropical systems can produce is unlikely, it could bring heavy rain for some parts of Queensland.

Based on the current track, rainfall could be heaviest between Cooktown to Lucinda, with  potential for 80-300mm of rain during the event, although this could change should Ann take a different track.

Typically, cyclone season ends in April for the Coral Sea region.