Capital New Year Temperatures

Thomas Hough, 30 December 2018

All capitals except Darwin will end 2018 warmer than average, with the trend continuing into 2019 as the recent hot spell continues on.

But where will be hottest when the clock strikes midnight at the start of 2019, and which city should claim the title of hottest capital on the first day of the year.

Somewhat unsurprisingly Darwin should claim the warmest capital as we see in the New Year with the mercury around 28 degrees. Sydney should be the next warmest, around 24 degrees, with Canberra and Brisbane close behind at 23 degrees. Perth should see in the New Year at 19 degrees, whilst Adelaide and Melbourne will be closer to 18. Hobart, the coolest of the lot should start 2019 at 16 degrees.

As for the hottest first day of 2019, that title looks to go to Canberra, topping out at 34 degrees. Five other capitals will also peak in the 30's, with Adelaide and Darwin at 32, Brisbane and Perth at 31 and Sydney at 30 degrees. Melbourne will be cooler, although still above average at 26 degrees; Hobart not far behind at 25.

The recent heat of late looks to continue into the new year for many, so remember to keep on Slip, Slop, Slapping!

- Weatherzone

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