A mild last month of spring for Sydney

Graeme Brittain, 19 November 2017

November is shaping up to a disappointing month for those hoping for
some late-Spring heat.

So far this month, the city has experienced it coolest November day
since 2006, with the mercury only climbing to 17.1 degrees on the

This month has seen onshore winds dominating, thanks to high pressure
remaining firmly anchored in the Tasman, which has lead to a feed of
cool maritime air across the region. This pattern of weather is set
to stick for the remainder of spring, meaning there is a good chance
Sydney's Observatory Hill will not record a temperature above 30
degrees in November, which has not happened in 10 years.

There will however be a brief warm spell around Friday and Saturday
of next week, as a trough approaches from the west, which will see
temperatures climb into the mid-to-high 20's.

Despite the cool feel, the UV index will range from extreme to very
high through this week, so remember to slap on some sunscreen if you
are outside for an extended period of time.

- Weatherzone

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