Warmth on the way out for Perth

Kim Westcott, 27 April 2019

The approaching cold front will certainly pack a punch across WA's southwest.  

Balmy conditions have persisted, thanks to a large high pressure system sitting in the south. For the past week, daytime temperatures have peaked in the mid-to-high 20's each day. Clear overnight skies have kept the mornings cool, but still comfortable.

Sunday will be final warm day in this sun-filled run, with a cold front crossing the southwest early on Monday morning.

This cold front will see daytime temperatures plummet into the low-20's by Monday, and remain on the cooler side until mid-week. The overnight temperatures will also come down a few degrees as well.

However, unlike the last front that came through a week ago, this one is carrying very little in the way of rain. Any showers that come through with this front will be patchy, and less than a few millimetres at best.

April is not usually a very wet month for Perth, with generally 36mm of rain falling over an average of seven days. This month, 44mm has collected in the gauge making it the wettest April since 2016. Although, as some residents may recall, the April of 2017 failed to record any rain at all.