Tropical Cyclone Penny is born

Thomas Hough, 1 January 2019

The next tropical cyclone of the season has formed over the eastern Gulf of Carpentaria.

Queensland's Cape York Peninsula is in the firing line for yet another cyclone, the second in a row to hit the peninsula this season.

Tropical Cyclone Penny has already crossed Cape York Peninsula once, only that time as a tropical low. It then moved out over the Gulf of Carpentaria, where, with favorable conditions and plenty of energy from the warm waters of the Gulf, it began to intensify.

Tropical Cyclone Penny is now heading back towards the Cape York Peninsula and is expected to cross the coast near Weipa on Tuesday afternoon.

Currently a category 1 system Penny is weaker than Severe Tropical Cyclone Owen, the first cyclone of the season to impact mainland Australia. Tropical Cyclone Penny shouldn't be disregarded however, as a system of this intensity is still capable of generating sustained winds of 85km/h near its centre and gusts of up to 100km/h.

The warning zone for Tropical Cyclone Penny stretches from Pormpuraaw to Cape York, including adjacent inland areas. If you live in areas at risk, keep up to date with all the latest warnings and information at:

- Weatherzone

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