Sydney's sweaty end to a hot summer

Ben Domensino, 27 February 2018

It will be a fitting end to a sweaty summer in western Sydney tomorrow as some suburbs experience their hottest final day of summer in decades.

Penrith's forecast top of 36 degrees on Wednesday would make it their hottest last day of summer since records commenced in 1995.

If Richmond reaches its forecast top of 35 degrees it will be their hottest end to summer since 1993. If it gets above 35.2 degrees tomorrow it will be Richmond's hottest last day of summer in 30 years.

While warmth on the last day of summer is not significant when looking at the season as a whole, it does happen to reflect the last three months in western Sydney quite accurately.

A number of outstanding heat events occurred in Sydney's west this summer.

Penrith recorded the second highest temperature ever to be observed in the Sydney Basin, reaching 43.7 degrees on January 7th. Later in the month, Penrith also registered the Sydney Basin's second four day spell over 40 degrees on record.

Based on tomorrow's forecasts, this is likely to be the warmest summer on record in terms of maximum temperatures for Penrith and amongst the top three warmest for Richmond and Bankstown.

While eastern suburbs of Sydney have been spared from the intense heat that has gripped the western suburbs this season, it's still likely to be amongst the city's five warmest summers on record based on maximum temperatures.

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