Hot week to come in Perth

Graeme Brittain, 3 February 2019

Temperatures in January (2019) were below average in WA's capital, but the mercury is set to rise during the first full week of February.


The orientation of a trough during much of the coming week will promote offshore wind circulation across the city, which will limit the development of a cooling seabreeze.


Temperatures will peak in the mid-to-high 30’s each day, which is several degrees above average. Thursday expected to be the hottest day at this stage.


Last night was the coldest February minimum in 2 years (14.4°C), but overnights will also become much warmer this week, as breezy conditions inhibit nocturnal cooling.


Some models are indicating an increased chance of thunderstorms later in the week, particularly from Wednesday to Friday, although uncertainty is high.