Foggy weekend for eastern NSW

Jacobus Cronje, 13 April 2019

Parts of New South Wales had a foggy start to the weekend, with visibility dropping below 500m over parts of the Illawarra, Hunter and even Sydney early on Saturday morning.

A high pressure system currently extending north along the coast helped to bring clear overnight skies, while the week winds associated with the system allowed for a still, unmixed airmass. Together with moisture from onshore winds during Friday, these conditions were perfect for early morning fog formation.

Places like Moss Vale, Goulburn and inland areas of Greater Newcastle reported visibility of less than 400m between 6am and 7am, while visibility even dropped to near-zero over parts of Richmond shortly after 4am.

It is likely that Sunday morning will see a continuation of these weather conditions, and bring a renewed risk of fog formation. Fog could be more widespread in Sydney, with places like Camden, Parramatta, Penrith, Liverpool and Campbelltown all likely seeing fog or fog patches during the early hours of the morning.

Significant, thick fog is not expected to extend across Greater Sydney, but mist and patchy fog are possible all the way to the eastern suburbs, if only briefly.