Foggy morning causes disruptions for Sydney Airport

Scott Morris, 29 June 2019

A thick layer of fog covered Sydney this morning causing delays at Sydney Airport due to the low visibility.

The recent rain combined with light winds and clearing skies created the perfect conditions for fog to form when the temperature dropped below 10 degrees.

For Sydney Airport, where the fog caused cancellations and delays of flights for multiple airlines, visibility dropped to about 200 metres at 7am. At this time, Olympic Park recorded visibility below 200 metres, Canterbury 150m, Bankstown Airport just 100m. 

Even earlier in the morning, at 4:30am, visibility dropped below 50m in Camden and Richmond.

With temperatures on the rise and wind speeds picking up, it wasn't long before most of the fog had lifted. By 9am, visibility at Sydney Airport rose above 2000m. The fog stuck around longer in places further west like Richmond where visibility remained below 500m until 11am.

Looking ahead, a change should arrive in Sydney early tomorrow morning. Drier gusty winds associated with the change mean that fog is much less likely tomorrow.