Downpour for Japan from Tropical Depression Nari

Scott Morris, 27 July 2019

Tropical Depression Nari has made landfall over Central Japan and is forecast to track northeast over the country, bringing heavy rain and strong winds.

Reports say that Nari encroached on the coastline of Mie Prefecture at 7am JST (8am EST) Saturday. It's current movement is north at 21km/h with maximum sustained winds of 56km/h and wind gusts of 74km/h.

The rainfall totals from this system are expected to exceed 50mm in many areas, increasing the risk of flooding and possible landslides. In the Tokai region, 180mm of rain is forecast to fall, with Kansai (150mm) and Kanto-Koshin (80mm) not far behind. The atmospheric instability caused by Nari means that there is the chance of thunderstorms accompanying this heavy rainfall.

Strong winds will be another feature of this system with areas possibly receiving gusts of up to 80km/h. Gusts of this strength have the capacity to cause power outages and damage to property. Along with the strong winds, surf should also become dangerous along parts of the south coast today.

Nari's land interaction will weaken the system. It is expected to move further north, reaching Gifu Prefecture by this afternoon and moving off the east coast of Japan into the Pacific Ocean by tomorrow afternoon.