Cold front collides with the southwest

Hannah Wilson, 1 September 2019

Currently a large cold front is impacting southwest Western Australia, with heavy rain, gusty winds and lightning strikes already having been recorded. 

This cold front is the third frontal system Western Australia has encountered since last Thursday, in a long series of fronts due over the coming week. Bickley in the state's Lower West has already recorded 16mm of rainfall since 9am this morning, Collie East 15mm and Bunbury in the South West region, 14mm of rain. A wind gust of 89km/h was also felt at Cape Leeuwin just before 10am this morning, with these large gusts continuing throughout the day across the South West and Lower West regions. Around 500 lightning strikes have also been recorded in a 100km radius of Bunbury. 

A Severe Weather Warning is currently in place for Damaging Winds and Damaging Surf for the South West, South Coastal, Great Southern and parts of Lower West and South East coastal districts, as the front slowly moves east across the state's south continuing to bring rainfall and strong winds, before looking to slightly weaken later this evening.  

This break will be short lived however, as another cold front should move through the region again tomorrow, this system perhaps not as strong though. 

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