Change on the cards for southeast Queensland

Scott Morris, 16 June 2019

In the southeast of Queensland, some unseasonable warmth has lingered around for the past couple of days, however these conditions aren't expected to last.

Heat being drawn in from the north has caused some places in Queensland to experience daytime maximums as much as five degrees above average for this time of year.

Kingaroy Airport recorded a 25.4 degree daytime maximum yesterday, its warmest June day in fifteen years. Other places such as Logan City and Rainbow Bay had similar maximums on Friday 14th, reaching 26.7 and 26.1 degrees respectively, both 5 degrees above the average.

Today is expected to be a change in terms of weather for these southeastern cities, with a trough looming over the region and threatening showers as well as thunderstorms. Brisbane is forecast to receive 5-10mm today, with similar rainfalls for other places in the southeast.

Increasing cloud cover should also limit the capacity for heating, meaning today will be a couple of degrees cooler than the past couple of days.

Looking ahead, showers will clear tomorrow, becoming a nice day and remaining that way for a couple of days. Any warmth is not expected to last long with a pool of cool air expected to arrive in Queensland around Thursday. This should cool daytime maximums to just below or about average for the rest of the week.