Australia sets new record for consecutive warm months

Ben Domensino, 5 August 2019

Australia just registered its 4th warmest and 12th driest July in more than a century of records.

The national mean temperature was 1.62 degrees above the long-term average, making it the country's 4th warmest July in 110 years of records. 

July was also Australia's 33rd consecutive month with an above average national mean temperature, beating the previous record of 32 months between August 2012 and March 2015.

The average daytime maximum temperature during July was the third highest on record, rounding out Australia's warmest January to July period since records began.

Image: Maximum temperature declies during July 2019. Source: Bureau of Meteorology

Most of the country also received below-average rain last month, making it the country's 12th driest July in 120 years of records. Some parts of Queensland and Tasmania bucked this national trend, with a few places in western Tasmania even experiencing their wettest July on record.

Image: Rainfall deciles during July 2019. Source: Bureau of Meteorology

Unfortunately, the lack of mid-winter rain exacerbated drought conditions in some areas. Parts of NSW and southern Queensland have amassed rainfall deficits of more than 600mm during the last two years.