Adelaide's missing autumn

Kim Westcott, 14 April 2019

With daytime temperatures averaging 28 degrees, it will be reminiscent of summer across Adelaide this week.

Warm and dry winds have begun to move heat into the city, with Sunday expected to reach a balmy 28 degrees. The next few days will be nice and toasty, with some sweaty nights ahead as well.

Typically,  April would see average daytime temperatures of 22 degrees, and overnight temperatures dropping to a low of 12 degrees. During the summer months, days average around 27 degrees, and mornings about 16 degrees.

This warmth will continue until the first cool change comes through during Wednesday evening. This change is very weak, and although it has the potential to bring a storm or two, it won't bring the big rain the city has been waiting for.

While Thursday will be a brief reprieve with a forecast of 25 degrees, the mercury will be back on the rise by Friday, hitting the low 30's for the second time this week.

Saturday will bring the final cool change. As this front is packing a lot more cold air, the lingering warm air will move east, and we will see a big drop in temperatures. From Sunday onwards, days look to only hit the low 20’s for the following week.