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  • Hobart's dry July

    Ben Domensino, 31 July 2020

    Hobart just had its fourth driest July in 139 years of records.

    A lack of strong rain-bearing cold fronts saw all of Tasmania register below-average rain during July.

    Hobart only received 11.6mm of rainfall during the entire month, making it the city's driest July in a decade and its third driest on record, with data available back to 1882.

    The only years with drier Julys in Hobart were 1965 (8.6mm), 2010 (7.4mm) and the record dry July of 1950 (4.4mm).

    Hobart's long-term average for the entire month is 52mm and its wettest July on record was 156.8mm in 1974.