South West weather forecast

for Saturday

District Forecast

Partly cloudy. Very high chance of rain, most likely in the late afternoon and evening. Winds N/NW 15 to 25 km/h increasing to 40 km/h before tending W/NW 25 to 35 km/h during the day.
Cloudy. Very high chance of showers, most likely in the late morning and afternoon. Snow falling above 700 metres. The chance of a thunderstorm from the late morning. Possible hail. Winds W/NW 25 to 40 km/h turning SW in the afternoon.
Partly cloudy. High chance of showers near the Otways, medium chance elsewhere. Snow falling above 500 metres. Possible hail in the morning and afternoon. Winds SW 25 to 35 km/h.
Cloudy. Areas of morning frost about the ranges. Slight chance of a shower in the evening. Light winds becoming W 20 to 30 km/h during the morning.

Forecasts for Saturday

Location Forecast Temperature Rain Frost Risk UV Wind Relative Humidity
Min Max Chance Amount 9am 3pm 9am 3pm
Ararat Showers easing
Showers easing
3°C 11°C 80% 1-5mm Moderate Low - - - -
Cape Nelson Thunderstorms
7°C 12°C 80% 5-10mm Nil Moderate W 40km/h WSW 47km/h 74% 68%
Cape Otway Windy with showers
Windy with showers
7°C 11°C 70% 5-10mm Nil Low - - - -
Casterton Showers
5°C 11°C 90% 1-5mm Slight Low - - - -
Colac Showers
5°C 10°C 80% 1-5mm Slight Low WNW 38km/h W 48km/h 96% 81%
Dartmoor Cfa Thunderstorms
4°C 11°C 90% 5-10mm Slight - WNW 15km/h WSW 26km/h 89% 74%
Eversley Thunderstorms
2°C 5°C 80% 1-5mm Moderate Moderate WNW 22km/h W 25km/h 93% 84%
Hamilton Showers
4°C 9°C 90% 1-5mm Slight Low WNW 26km/h W 36km/h 90% 73%
Lookout Hill Thunderstorms
2°C 5°C 90% 1-5mm Moderate - - - - -
Mortlake Showers
5°C 11°C 90% 5-10mm Slight Low WNW 24km/h W 32km/h 92% 77%
Port Fairy Windy with showers
Windy with showers
6°C 12°C 90% 5-10mm Nil Low - - - -
Portland Windy with showers
Windy with showers
6°C 10°C 90% 1-5mm Nil Low W 32km/h WSW 42km/h 76% 66%
Warrnambool Windy with showers
Windy with showers
6°C 11°C 90% 5-10mm Nil Low WNW 30km/h W 40km/h 87% 74%
Weeaproinah Windy with showers
Windy with showers
3°C 7°C 70% 5-10mm Moderate Low - - - -