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Observations History

  1. Mount Stuart Observations History

    Past 24 hours
    Time Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
    EST Mean Gusts
    18:00 22.5°C 22.5°C 100% 24.2°C S 17km/h 26km/h hPa 40.4mm
    19:00 22.8°C 22.8°C 100% 25.4°C SW 13km/h 19km/h hPa 48.6mm
    20:00 23.1°C 23.1°C 100% 25.5°C SW 15km/h 20km/h hPa 54.8mm
    21:00 23.2°C 23.2°C 100% 27.1°C S 7km/h 15km/h hPa 60.8mm
    22:00 23.0°C 23.0°C 100% 25.4°C SW 15km/h 22km/h hPa 67.6mm
    23:00 22.9°C 22.9°C 100% 24.9°C SW 17km/h 28km/h hPa 73.6mm
    00:00 22.0°C 21.8°C 99% 21.9°C S 24km/h 37km/h hPa 80.6mm
    01:00 22.1°C 21.9°C 99% 21.0°C SW 30km/h 46km/h hPa 87.2mm
    02:00 22.0°C 22.0°C 100% 24.2°C SW 13km/h 22km/h hPa 94.6mm
    03:00 22.3°C 22.3°C 100% 25.0°C S 11km/h 19km/h hPa 100.2mm
    04:00 22.7°C 22.7°C 100% 23.8°C S 20km/h 35km/h hPa 102.4mm
    05:00 23.0°C 22.8°C 99% 23.8°C SE 22km/h 35km/h hPa 103.2mm
    06:00 23.2°C 23.0°C 99% 22.7°C S 30km/h 43km/h hPa 106.4mm
    07:00 22.9°C 22.7°C 99% 23.0°C SE 26km/h 39km/h hPa 107.6mm
    08:00 22.8°C 22.8°C 100% 23.3°C S 24km/h 39km/h hPa 110.4mm
    09:00 23.2°C 23.0°C 99% 23.8°C S 24km/h 43km/h hPa 0.0mm
    10:00 23.7°C 23.2°C 97% 23.7°C S 28km/h 50km/h hPa 0.2mm
    11:00 24.1°C 23.1°C 94% 23.6°C S 30km/h 44km/h hPa 0.2mm
    12:00 25.3°C 23.0°C 87% 26.9°C S 19km/h 35km/h hPa 0.4mm
    13:00 25.5°C 22.6°C 84% 26.2°C SE 22km/h 37km/h hPa 0.4mm
    14:00 25.2°C 22.9°C 87% 26.8°C S 19km/h 28km/h hPa 0.4mm
    15:00 25.1°C 22.8°C 87% 26.6°C S 19km/h 32km/h hPa 0.4mm
    16:00 24.3°C 23.3°C 94% 26.5°C SE 17km/h 28km/h hPa 2.2mm
    17:00 24.2°C 24.0°C 99% 27.9°C S 11km/h 17km/h hPa 4.0mm