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Victoria weather forecast

Current Conditions

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SSE 11km/h
Ballarat Ap
Bendigo Ap
Horsham Ap
Latrobe Valley Ap
SSW 17km/h
WSW 6km/h
E 7km/h
ENE 11km/h
Mt Hotham
NW 2km/h
Wangaratta Ap
State Forecast
Mainly fine with light to moderate southeasterly winds.

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Current Conditions
    Temperature Dew Point Rel. Humidity Feels Like Wind Pressure Rainfall
Mean Gusts
Ballarat Ap 04:50 EDT 14.6°C 1.2°C 40% 14.0°C SSE 11km/h 13km/h 1019.2hPa 0.0mm
Bendigo Ap 04:50 EDT 17.1°C 2.3°C 37% 17.1°C Calm 0km/h 1017.5hPa 0.0mm
Horsham Ap 04:50 EDT 18.1°C 6.0°C 45% 18.1°C Calm 0km/h 1017.6hPa 0.0mm
Latrobe Valley Ap 04:50 EDT 13.0°C 10.7°C 86% 13.0°C Calm 0km/h 1018.4hPa 0.0mm
Mangalore 04:50 EDT 16.8°C 8.2°C 57% 16.8°C SSW 17km/h 22km/h 1017.2hPa 0.0mm
Mildura 04:50 EDT 21.7°C 8.9°C 44% 21.7°C E 7km/h 22km/h 1015.9hPa 0.0mm
Mt Hotham 04:50 EDT 14.0°C - - 13.3°C ENE 11km/h 11km/h - 0.0mm
Orbost 04:50 EDT 17.2°C 17.0°C 99% 17.2°C Calm 0km/h - 0.0mm
Wangaratta Ap 04:50 EDT 16.9°C 11.0°C 68% 16.9°C NW 2km/h 6km/h 1017.1hPa 0.0mm