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Synoptic Chart Summary

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Synoptic Chart Australia - D0 Tuesday, 10:00 EST

Strong winds between cold fronts are delivering showers to western TAS, coastal VIC and southern SA. The northern jetstream is producing some high cloud in central Australia and QLD, whilst a belt of high pressure keeps skies generally clear elsewhere.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D1 Wednesday, 22:00 EST

A front will cross the Tasman Sea, causing strong winds, showers and highland snow to ease in southern NSW, VIC and TAS. A weak front will bring another burst of strong, showery winds to TAS later. A high will clear most showers in SA and southern WA, encouraging frost in WA.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D2 Thursday, 22:00 EST

A high will cause brisk wind to ease and most showers to clear in southern Australia, encouraging frost in WA, SA, inland VIC and NSW. The high will keep WA and much of mainland Australia dry. Westerly winds will maintain showers in western TAS.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D3 Friday, 22:00 EST

A high will lead to a frosty morning in parts of SA, TAS, VIC, NSW and southern QLD. The high will also keep nearly all of SA, NSW, QLD and the NT dry. Fronts will bring showery winds to TAS, VIC and southwest WA later. A trough will trigger a few showers over northern QLD.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D4 Saturday, 22:00 EST

A weakening front and trough will bring mostly light showers to southern WA, SA, VIC and TAS. A high will bring a cold morning and mostly dry day to much of TAS, VIC, NSW and southern QLD. Moist onshore winds will bring the odd light shower to the tropical QLD coast.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D5 Sunday, 22:00 EST

A weak trough will produce showers over VIC and southern SA and NSW, whilst an approaching front will deliver showers along the southern fringe of WA. A high will keep most of NSW and QLD dry and sunny, whilst directing the odd light shower onto QLD North Tropical Coast.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D6 Monday, 22:00 EST

A strong cold front will cross the southeast, bringing a powerful cold change, showers and snow. Warm winds will filter across QLD and NSW ahead of the change. A high will take hold in WA, producing a cold morning in the west and clearing showers in the south.

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