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Synoptic Chart Australia - D0 Friday, 20:00 EST

A deep trough is generating areas of rain over SA, NSW, VIC and TAS, with storms in NSW. A cold front clipping southwestern parts of WA is producing isolated showers and gusty cool winds. A moist onshore flow is triggering showers over the QLD coast and ranges.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D1 Saturday, 22:00 EST

A series of troughs over the southeast will bring patchy showers and storms across NSW, northern VIC and parts of SA and QLD. A front should impact SA causing gusty showers. A region of low pressure over the far north will cause some thundery showers.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D2 Sunday, 22:00 EST

A trough over QLD should cause a few showers and storms. A front and this trough will bring cooling to NSW and also a few showers. Cool onshore winds should generate a few showers in western TAS and southern VIC. Another front should produce squally showers in southwest WA.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D3 Monday, 22:00 EST

A vigorous front will brush southern WA as it approaches the southeast, bringing showers to Australia's southern coast. A pair of troughs over central and eastern Australia will produce rain, showers and storms. High pressure will keep most of WA sunny and mild.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D4 Tuesday, 22:00 EST

A strong cold front will cross the southeast early, bringing powerful winds and showers to VIC, TAS and coastal SA. A trough will also produce showers and storms in central and southeastern QLD. Another trough should trigger showers and storms over northern Australia.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D5 Wednesday, 22:00 EST

A pair of troughs spreading from the WA interior, to the NT and to southeastern QLD will produce showers and storms. A cold front will reach southwest WA, bringing showers, whilst northwesterlies ahead of it will deliver showers to TAS. A high will keep NSW mostly clear.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D6 Thursday, 22:00 EST

A cold front and trough should reach SA and possibly VIC and TAS, producing rain and bringing a cold change. A deep low pressure trough from WA's northwest to northeastern NSW will produce showers and storms. A high pressure ridge should keep the nation's far west mostly sunny.

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