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Synoptic Chart Summary

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Synoptic Chart Australia - D0 Tuesday, 16:00 EDT

Warm northerlies are filtering into VIC and SA ahead of a low pressure trough. This trough and associated front are bringing a cool change and triggering thunderstorms and showers. A high over central Australia, QLD, NSW, VIC and TAS is keeping conditions mostly dry.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D1 Wednesday, 22:00 EDT

Warm air filtering ahead of a trough will move over NSW leading to a warm day. This trough and an associated front will produce isolated showers over VIC and TAS. A low pressure trough will produce showers over western parts of WA.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D2 Thursday, 22:00 EDT

Warmth ahead of a trough will become confined to southeastern QLD and northern NSW, followed by showers and thunderstorms. A low pressure trough will also produce showers over WA's Pilbara and Gascoyne districts. A high will bring clearer skies to the south.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D3 Friday, 22:00 EDT

A low pressure trough will linger over QLD and northern NSW producing showers and thunderstorms. A weaker trough over inland parts of WA should also produce isolated showers with the odd thunderstorm. A high pressure ridge will keep SA, VIC and TAS mostly sunny.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D4 Saturday, 22:00 EDT

A low pressure trough will move over WA and western parts of SA, triggering showers and thunderstorms. Instability will continue over southeastern QLD and northern NSW with upper cool air leading to showers and thunderstorms.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D5 Sunday, 22:00 EDT

A strong front and trough will cross the southeast, combining with the lingering trough over NSW to produce a band of rain, as well as showers and strong thunderstorms. A high will take over WA and parts of SA bringing clear skies and mild temperatures.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D6 Monday, 22:00 EDT

A low pressure trough will produce rain, showers and thunderstorms over QLD and northeastern NSW. Westerlies behind a cold front will continue to deliver showers to coastal SA, VIC and most of TAS. A trough in the north and west should trigger showers and storms.

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