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Weather News - WA's west coast the place to be these Christmas holidays

Rob Sharpe, 19 December 2014

Today will be a scorcher in Perth, before the sun produces warm beautiful weather across the Christmas break.

A hot airmass is being dragged south along WA's west coast today by a low pressure trough just off the coast. Today is set to reach a top in the high 30's, likely making it the hottest day since last summer. The final day of the working week will be a struggle for those doing labour out in the blazing sun.

This weekend the trough will have moved inland of Perth drawing the heat further east and then north. Sunny skies will prevail across western WA with only inland areas a chance to see temperatures exceed 35 degrees.

As Christmas approaches, each day will be slightly warmer than the day before it, supported by the every present sunshine.

On Christmas Day, the west will again be sunny, except for the chance of an afternoon shower or storm over inland parts of the Gascoyne. Temperatures are likely to reach the mid 30's about most coastal areas from Carnarvon to Perth, possibly reaching the high 30's north of Geraldton, where seabreezes could be delayed until the early afternoon by the hot southeasterlies. Further south, seabreezes will be stronger and the airmass will be cooler, leading to a very pleasant Christmas Day south from Perth.

After Christmas the warm-to-hot and mostly sunny weather should continue in the west for a couple more days and could even last until the end of the year. For those searching endless sunshine this Christmas period, the west is the best.

- Weatherzone

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Weather News - Storms from the Gulf Country to the Southeast

Guy Dixon, 19 December 2014

A band of thunderstorms extending from Queensland's Gulf Country to the Southeast Coast led to a very dynamic evening yesterday.

An active low pressure trough had already stimulated showers and thunderstorms by midday over parts of the Maranoa and Warrego, Central West and Northwest Districts.

Throughout the day this trough steadily migrated east delivering vast amounts of moisture across the state. Miles managed to receive a touch over 15 millimetres within just 10 minutes at about 3:10pm. Casino Airport wasn't far behind with 11 millimetres in 10 minutes at 4pm.

The most substantial rain to 9am this morning was recorded at Georgetown Airport with 47.4 millimetres. Residents of Georgetown haven't seen this much rain in December since 2011. In fact, it wasn't since February that this much rain was recorded as a low moved across the Peninsula.

Archerfield Airport clocked some of the strongest wind gusts state wide, although not as intense as the super cell seen in November. Maximum wind gusts reached 93 km/h just after 5pm.

The action wasn't just confined to Queensland however. Coffs Harbour managed to gust up to 98 km/h whilst also receiving 10 millimetres in 10 minutes. Coffs Harbour went on to receive the heaviest day of rain in December since 2011 with 36.4 millimetres.

The vast majority of convective activity has now left the Australian mainland as the trough has now moved northeast and offshore. There will however be some lingering instability in its wake with isolated showers continuing this morning about the coasts between Mackay and Bundaberg.

- Weatherzone

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Weather News - Australia's Christmas extremes one week out

Brett Dutschke, 18 December 2014

Seven days out, forecasts still suggest Christmas Day in Australia will be typically hot, humid and thundery in the north, windy in the south, wet in the southeast and dry on the west coast.

At this stage, our computer models tell us that a front should be crossing southern Australia, bringing a cooler, gusty change while a low pressure trough causes showers and storms in the southeast and north of the country.

Possible extremes seven days out are -

Hottest - 29-degree minimum at Cygnet Bay in Western Australia's Kimberley and 43-degree maximum at Roebourne in WA's Pilbara
Coldest - 4-degree minimum at Mt Wellington and 9-degree maximum at Mt Read in Tasmania
Wettest - 30mm at Borroloola in the Northern Territory's Gulf Country
Cloudiest - 4 hours of sunshine at Kempsey in New South Wales' Mid North Coast
Sunniest - 13 hours of sunshine over much of South Australia and southern Western Australia including at Renmark in SA's Riverland and Corrigin in WA's Great Southern
Windiest - 90km/h at Maatsuyker Island in Tasmania's south
Calmest - 20km/h at Mt Seaview in New South Wales' Mid North Coast

As we get closer to the day, models will change and accuracy will improve, giving us different places and amounts, so stay tuned for updates.

Capital cities' Christmas forecasts appear on the weatherzone.com.au homepage.

- Weatherzone

© Weatherzone 2014