Weather News - Second surge of heat could challenge records

Ben Domensino, 15 December 2017

Another round of intense heat is about to sweep across southern and eastern Australia, challenging December heat records for the second time in a week.

A burst of hot weather swept across southeastern Australia this week, prompting fire bans in a number of states.

On Thursday, Penrith registered its hottest December day in 22 years of records after reaching a scorching top of 43.5 degrees, beating the previous record by more than a degree. This came a day after Melbourne and Adelaide reaching tops of 38 and 39 degrees respectively.

Now, another sweltering air mass that has been brewing over northern WA, is about to head south.

In the Pilbara, Tefler reached 45 degrees on Thursday afternoon and Marble Bar is forecast to hit 45 to 46 degrees during the next three days.

From this weekend, this pool of hot air will be drawn south by strengthening northerly winds ahead of an approaching - and unseasonably strong - cold front.

Parts of Australia's central and eastern interior are forecast to reach 44 to 46 degrees between Sunday and Tuesday, including Birdsville, Thargomindah, Tibooburra, Bourke and Moomba.

Tibooburra's forecast top of 46 degrees on Monday is 0.7 of a degree below its December record from 1957, with data available back to 1910.

Bourke could also register its highest December temperature on record if it reaches Monday's forecast top of 44 degrees.

Thargomindah is tipped to reach 45 degrees each day between Sunday and Tuesday. The town's hottest December day to date was 45.6 degrees in 1996 and it hasn't had three days this hot, in any month, for 11 years.

Forecast models indicate that temperatures could reach 47 degrees in northern parts of SA on Monday.

Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney will also experience another day in the high thirties or low forties early next week. In western Sydney, Penrith may even have a go at breaking its December heat record for the second time in a week.

The impending hot weather is likely to elevate fire danger ratings in a number of states. Be sure to check the latest fire bans and warnings as this event unfolds.

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Weather News - A stormy outlook for Darwin

Kim Westcott, 16 December 2017

Darwin is on track to reach their December average rainfall, which is already sitting at the halfway mark.

Storms on Friday morning brought an additional 34mm to the December rainfall tally, which now sits at 123mm. While the storm was short-lived, it was intense, producing 20mm in ten minutes.

For the year, Darwin has seen over 2140mm hit the rain gauge so far, compared to the 987mm total to this day last year. Although, as some residents will remember, the second half of December 2016 was very soggy, with over 360mm falling in the final fortnight.

Over the next week, an unstable airmass will reside over the western Top End, bringing showers and thunderstorms every day this week.

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Weather News - Unsettled spell for Perth

Graeme Brittain, 16 December 2017

The England cricket team may feel more at home, as conditions turn wet and very windy for the end of the third test.

A deep low pressure system will cause winds will pick up from the southwest through Sunday, gusting above 80km/h by the late-afternoon, around the time rain will commence.

Rain will continue overnight, tending to become more showery by Monday afternoon as the system gradually clears, with widespread rainfall totals of 15-25mm expected. There is a good chance The Ashes will see some interruptions to play.

Temperatures will also tumble as the system directs a cool maritime airmass across the region, with the mercury struggling to make it into the low-20's on Sunday and Monday.

Conditions will become dry and increasingly warm through the remainder of the week, with daytime temperatures comfortably reaching the low-30's by Thursday.

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