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Weather News - Con-front-ing conditions for SA, VIC and NSW

Tristan Meyers, 30 June 2016

A gusty cold front has brought gusty winds and showers to southern SA, western VIC and southern NSW.

Although this system isn't as big as the one that brought snow as far north as Guyra last week, it is still very strong. The anemometer spun up to 76 km/h at Mt Gambier at about 1pm this afternoon, the highest wind gust since last October. Gusts up to 130 km/h have been recorded at Thredbo Top Station, the highest in three months, prompting a severe weather warning for damaging winds in the Snowy Mountains and ACT for locations above 1800m.

Northerly winds have since eased in eastern VIC, with the severe weather warning for damaging winds cancelled in the North East, West and South Gippsland and East Gippsland. Earlier today, gusts of 85 km/h frequently battered the slopes around Bt Muller.

It's not just the coast and elevated locations in VIC that are feeling blustery - Moorabbin clocked up 80 km/h this morning whilst Tullamarine was just shy of 75 km/h.

This afternoon and evening, as winds shift southwesterly in southeastern SA and western and northern VIC, wind gusts should increase again for a few hours. However, by sunrise tomorrow, winds will be noticeably lighter throughout SA, VIC and NSW, with the strongest gusts limited to the alpine regions.

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Weather News - Capital City Election Day Weather Promises

Craig McIntosh, 30 June 2016

It's going to be a mixed bag of weather around the country on Saturday as voters head out to decide who next we can make fun of in cartoons, watch being interviewed on a brisk dawn walk, or hear them say 'jobs and growth' again and again.

Up the Top End, voters in Darwin are going to have a lovely day at the polling booths. Unlike two party preferred newspolls, temperatures have remained steady, and the run in the low thirties in Darwin is set to continue on Saturday under sunny skies.

Contrary to the left and right wing of politics, lovers of democracy in Brisbane and Sydney are going to have very similar views when they look to the sky on Saturday. With sunny conditions and maximums of around 19 to 20 degrees, they can all agree it's a nice day to vote.

Melbourne and Adelaide voters might have to stand under a tent when they line-up for the sausage sizzle pre-box numbering. They are looking to have tops of 15 to 16 degrees and a few possible light showers between frequent sunny breaks, which is ironic as these southern civilians have a big say on who will 'reign' over the country for the next three years.

Mostly sunny skies and maximum temperatures around 20 degrees will greet Perth voters on Saturday. There is currently more high pressure over Perth than on a front bencher caught abusing their entitlements.

Lastly, Canberra. Similar to a Treasurer's media interview explaining why they increased taxes, voters in the the capital of our great nation will receive a frosty reception at polling booths, with a minimum of around one degree. The sun will shine, however, and a maximum temperature of 13 degrees is expected.

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Weather News - More alpine joy on the way

Craig McIntosh, 29 June 2016

Recent good snowfalls across Australian resorts are about to be freshened up by another snow-producing cold front, right in time for the weekend.

On Thursday, a cold front will makes its way eastward across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. The freezing level looks to drop to around 1000 metres later in the day around the Alps of NSW and VIC and about 1500m in TAS, leaving 10-20 centimetres of fresh snow across the ski fields in its wake. As is common with the fronts, strong winds will accompany the snowfalls, making for low visibility and blizzard-like conditions higher up the mountains.

Once the front moves off towards the Tasman Sea, winds will ease slightly as they tend westerly, however the there is a good chance Friday will accumulate up to 10cm of snow in the Alpine region of NSW and VIC, just in time for some weekend fun. Lighter snow should fall as low as about 900 metres in NSW, VIC and TAS.

Over the weekend, VIC, NSW and TAS resorts are expected to be under partly cloudy skies, with light flurries possible on the peaks in VIC and NSW. Maximum temperatures around the green runs will hover in the 0-3 degree range, but for those chasing black run thrills towards the peak, make sure you layer up well - the wind chill will catch you out like a mogul field around a blind corner.

Rest up after the weekend, as there is another front on its way. Further snowfalls are a good chance mid-next week, adding to the ever increasing base across all Australian ski fields.

- Weatherzone

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