Weather News - Frosty Morning for Eastern Australia

Joel Pippard, 20 August 2017

Widespread frost and record breaking cold has impacted much of the east.

Griffith in New South Wales saw its coldest August morning on record (58 year history), with the mercury dropping to -4.5 degrees. Nearby Yanco also broke their August record (18 year history) with the temperature falling to 2.0 degrees this morning.

Mortlake in Victoria saw its coldest August morning in 20 years with -3.1 degrees while Parkes saw an 18 year August low of -5.6C.

Many areas of VIC, NSW and Queensland had their coldest morning of any month in 2 or 3 years, including the Gold Coast (6.3C), Oakey (-3.5C), Cabramurra (-5.7C), Mount Buller (-7.8C) and Mount Hotham (-9.1C).

Widespread areas of land also experienced frost this morning with reports from Stanthorpe and Roma in QLD to Ballarat and Mortlake in VIC.

The chilly start is due to a high pressure system that moved in overnight with a cold airmass being left behind by the last cold front. With clear skies and light winds, the overnight temperature plummeted.

With an approaching low pressure system this evening, cloud will increase and trap some of the heat of the day. Inland places across the east should see a night up to six degrees warmer tonight.

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Weather News - Low thundering across South Australia

Rob Sharpe, 20 August 2017

A powerful low pressure system is slowly tracking east across the Bight, helping produce rain and storms across SA.

Early Sunday afternoon, a rainband was spreading across central parts of South Australia, with rain likely to push into Adelaide in the middle of the afternoon.

Meanwhile, further west showers and thunderstorms have been spread across the West Coast and southern parts of the North West Pastoral through the morning and afternoon. By 1pm there had been over 3500 lightning strikes within 250km of Ceduna. It's rare to see this much lightning occurring with a winter system such as this.

Northerly winds have also been strengthening ahead of the low, but not as fierce as recent low pressure systems.

The low itself will track close to Adelaide and then into the Riverland and Mallee on Monday, bringing further gusty winds and showers, along with the chance of a few weaker thunderstorms.

Once this system leaves the state, the rest of August looks to be much calmer and drier than the first three weeks of the month as high pressure looks to limit frontal activity.

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Weather News - Late winter rain not enough for Adelaide

Ben Domensino, 21 August 2017

Adelaide is having a wet final month of winter after a near-record dry start to the season.

Frequent fronts and low pressure systems brought more than a month's worth of rain to Adelaide in the last three weeks, with another 12mm falling in the city during the last 24 hours.

As of 9am today, Adelaide had received 82mm of rain during August to date, which is more than 10mm above average for the entire month. It also makes this the wettest August in four years.

This month's healthy rainfall follows on from a slightly wetter-than-usual July, during which the city collected 91mm.

However, two consecutive wet months haven't been enough to make up for Adelaide's remarkably dry start to winter.

June's 8.6mm of rainfall made it the city's driest calendar month in two years and the second driest June on record, falling behind 6mm from 1958.

Due to the absent early season rainfall, Adelaide was still more than 40mm short of its average winter rainfall as of 9am today.

Drier weather will return to the state capital city this afternoon as a high pressure system moves over South Australia. The next cold front will bring a burst of showers on Wednesday.

Looking further ahead, it's possible that Adelaide won't see any further substantial rainfall before the end of the month as high pressure systems become a dominant feature over southern Australia.

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