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Weather News - Rain set to dampen Melbourne footy finals

Kim Westcott, 24 September 2016

After a warm day, increasing afternoon cloud is heralding the arrival of a cool change.

A cold front bringing light rain will arrive on Saturday evening, potentially making it a wet game for NRL players and spectators alike. While it will still be warm at kick off, a light jacket will also be needed, as temperatures are likely to drop a few degrees during the course of the game.

For those who intend to celebrate (or commiserate) this evening and into the early hours, umbrellas will be a handy accessory, although rain looks to clear before sunrise.

While the sun will poke out during Sunday, it will be a much cooler day, around four-to-six degrees colder than Saturday. Westerly winds will also be gusty at times, making it feel much colder.

Monday will be warmer and winds will be lighter, although showers will start up again in the afternoon and evening, potentially thundery at times. Tuesday and much of Wednesday will be the best time to head outdoors before the next system rolls in.

A large low pressure trough and associated low look to bring a gusty, wet and cool end to the working week.

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Weather News - Homebush turning it on for AFL Prelim Final

Craig McIntosh, 24 September 2016

It will be dry for the bounce at 5:15pm at Spotless Stadium in Homebush, with some clouds watching over as the GWS Giants take on the Western Bulldogs for a spot in the AFL Grand Final.

As the first whistle blows, the players will be running around in temperatures of nineteen degrees and a dry pitch. Humidity will be around 65% so the players can't blame any fumbles on a wet ball.

By half-time the temperature is only likely to have dropped by two degrees. However, humidity will be increasing as showers loom over the western horizon. There is a good chance the game will be finished by the time any showers arrive. If they do arrive early, they will only be very light and intermittent.

Showers are due to set in from very early tomorrow morning, well after one of these two teams have earned their spot against the Sydney Swans next Saturday at the MCG.

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Weather News - Canberra splashes out

Kim Westcott, 25 September 2016

With a few showers and storms on the cards today and throughout the week ahead, will Canberra break it's September rain record?

With Lake George looking more like a wetland than a wasteland, the additional amount of rain hasn't gone unnoticed. But with rain records already tumbling throughout the state, Canberrans are wondering if they will break theirs too.

The wettest September on record at Canberra Airport was in 1978, with 150.6mm. Several other comparable sites in the Canberra area also recorded totals between 150-155mm during this time. The driest September was in 1994, with only 3mm recorded.

As of 9am Sunday, Canberra has picked up 115mm this month, falling over the course of 11 days. This already makes it the second wettest September in 42 years of records, with more to come. Generally, Canberra would only see 52mm fall over 10 days of rain.

The best chance for Canberra to beat the record is on Thursday, as a deep trough and front move through, with falls up to 30mm a chance.

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