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Weather News - A brief late-Spring spell of heat for the west

Anthony Duke, 25 November 2014

After a mild couple of weeks, Perth is set for a couple of hot days and nights.

Today a deepening trough over western parts of WA will bring hot easterlies from the Nation's interior. The easterly winds will cause the mercury to rise quickly from 24 degrees just after 9am to a forecast maximum of 36 degrees by the middle of this afternoon.

Temperatures will struggle to fall away overnight into Tuesday, as increased cloud cover and persistent easterlies should keep temperatures above the minimum of 23 degrees. This will be the first muggy night of the season and the warmest since February.

Wednesday will also be warm with the city likely to reach towards the mid-thirties. It could feel a little humid at times too, with the nearby trough providing moisture in the form of showers and thunderstorms. These are most likely to affect northern suburbs which could collect between 10 and 25mm.

Milder temperatures are set to return from Friday with a dry weekend also on the cards, as the trough moves away eastwards.

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Weather News - Sunny skies set to return to southern Victoria

Anthony Duke, 26 November 2014

Whilst today has been a rather cloudy day so far for much of southern Victoria, high pressure is set to work it's magic and bring sunshine in time for the weekend.

A weak cold front moved through southern Victoria and Tasmania this morning, only bringing a sprinkling of rain across the Central and Gippsland regions. For what the front lacked in rainfall, it more than made up for in cloud.

Meanwhile, a building region of high pressure in the Bight has helped to trap the cloud and moisture brought along by the front. Typically, high pressure is associated with clear skies, but when fronts move close-by, they bring along extra moisture which can get trapped under what meteorologists call a 'temperature inversion'. In this case the inversion essentially acts like a lid of a saucepan, which keeps the air in the bottom part of the atmosphere (where most of us live) separated from the rest of the atmosphere above.

If high pressure persists, eventually the drier air above the inversion interacts with the top of the cloud layer, eating it away from the top. And this is exactly what we expect to see over the next 24 hours for southern Victoria. As such, sunny skies are expected from late on Thursday morning stretching right through to the weekend, enabling temperatures to reach into the high twenties by Saturday.

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Weather News - Hot and dry set to continue for QLD

Kim Westcott, 26 November 2014

With November almost done and dusted, many are wondering what is in store for Queensland for the month ahead.

Rain has been a hit and miss affair this month, despite the numerous low pressure troughs lingering over the state, sparking the typical spring-time thunderstorms. The highest rainfall total so far this month belongs to Brisbane, which as has reached 90% of the November average, with 95mm. Southport has seem 17mm so far this month, currently seeing one of the driest on record.

However, those in Charters Towers, Cunnumulla, Mareebra, Palmerville and Walkamin have yet to to record a drop so far. Should Palmerville not receive any rainfall at all, it will be the driest November in over a century.

Wide areas of the the state also sweltered through some extraordinary temperatures. This month has seen the mercury reach 43 degrees at Amberley, making it the hottest November day in 72 years. In the Maranoa and Warrego as well as the Darling Downs and Granite Belt, daytime temperatures have been close to five degrees above average district wide.

A broad trough will continue to trigger storms and showers from about the northwest to the south east corner until Saturday, with Sunday the best chance of western parts of the state to see some decent falls of 15mm or more.

During December it is expected the a majority of QLD will experience above average maximum temperatures, coupled with drier-than-average conditions.

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