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Weather News - Autumnal Australia Day across the southeast

Anthony Duke, 26 January 2015

Towns and cities across Australia's southeast have shivered through a very cool and cloudy Australia Day.

At the time of writing, Sydney has only reached a peak of 21.4 degrees which was recorded at 7am this morning. Much of the day has remained close to 20 degrees under skies more typical of England than of Australia. Since further temperature rises are unlikely today, this should be the coolest Australia day in Sydney in 50 years.

In Melbourne the mercury has struggled to reach 20 degrees in a cool and cloudy air-stream. Similarly Canberra just managed to reach 22 degrees, six degrees below their January average. For both cities, it has been the coolest Australia Day since 1998.

Cool southerly and southeasterly winds across the southeast are largely to blame for these autumnal-like temperatures. Not only are these winds directing a cooler air-mass towards these cities, but moisture in the airmass is causing low cloud to develop preventing much warming.

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Weather News - Australia Day around the capitals

Kim Westcott, 25 January 2015

It will be beach and BBQ's for some, cool and cloudy for others...

Brisbane will remain warm with an expected top of 35 degrees. A sea
breeze and a few showers will cool things down in the afternoon, but
high humidity will begin creep into the city in the afternoon and

For Sydney, a sharp contrast from the near-perfect Sunday.
Temperatures will be at least 10-15 degrees cooler, with clouds and
showers thrown into the mix. Canberra will suffer a similar fate,
with showers and temperatures in the low-to-mid twenties and
remaining cool for a majority of the week.

In Melbourne, a cool air mass will remain over the city with a
daytime maximum of 21 degrees. Brisk southerly winds and a few
showers will make staying indoors a good option. Over the week the
mercury will to struggle reach over 23 degrees.

Cool and breezy conditions will continue in Hobart. Moderate westerly
winds in the wake of a front will see temperatures failing to hit the
20 degree mark.

Adelaide residents can expect a mostly sunny day in the mid-twenties
with a perfect BBQ weather set to continue as the temperatures set to
gradually increase in the coming days.

A hot and sunny day is ahead for Perth, with the high thirties likely
during the day and remaining in twenties during the evening. Tomorrow
will be the first in a three-day stretch of scorching days for the
western capital.

Darwin can expect similar weather for a majority of the week with
warm, stormy and humid conditions set to continue.

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Weather News - Southerly Buster cools NSW coast

Josh Fisher, 26 January 2015

A Southerly Buster that traveled along the New South Wales coast on Sunday brought a sudden burst of winds and relief from the hot temperatures. Unfortunately for those looking to hit the beach this Australia day, the change has brought some gloomier weather.

To be classified as a 'Southerly Buster' the change must produce southerly wind gusts in excess of 54km/h and cause temperatures to drop by at least five degrees in three hours. While this is the base criteria for the phenomenon to be defined, the gusts and temperature drops can be much more dramatic.

Southerly Busters typically occur along the NSW coast around five times a year and are most frequently observed between October and February.

Their intensity is dependent on the contrasting temperatures ahead and behind the change and the depth of the cooler layer of air. The process is further assisted by the presence of the Great Dividing Range, which creates a channeling effect as the southerly winds move along the coast.

The southerly that pushed along the NSW coast during Sunday did meet the criteria to be defined as a Southerly Buster, however was not a particularly strong event. These changes can and have generated winds in excess of 100km/h in the past and have brought temperature drops of 10-15 degrees in as much time. Yesterday's event was certainly noticeable but winds only just exceeded the threshold.

The southerly had reached Albion Park along the Illawarra coast just after 5:30pm on Sunday, producing wind gusts of 61km/h with the temperature dropping five degrees (34 to 29 degrees) in just nine minutes. The temperature then continued to plummet through the evening.

The change pushed through Sydney just after 7pm, bringing a burst of winds to 59km/h and allowing temperatures to drop by five degrees in just 30 minutes. The southerly came as relief for many and made for a more comfortable night of sleep.

For today, temperatures through Sydney will remain more than 10 degrees below Sunday's maximums, only climbing into the low-to-mid twenties. Cloud cover will linger through the day with scattered showers dampening the many barbeques that would have been planned.

- Weatherzone

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