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Weather News - Canberra shakes off a cold and foggy morning

Kim Westcott, 27 August 2016

With spring just around the corner, Canberra will end the remainder of the month on a warmer note.

Canberra woke to a chilly and foggy start to the weekend. Overnight temperatures plummeted, with the mercury recording minus three at first light, which is over four degrees below the August average. Accompanied with the cold morning, low cloud shrouded many of Canberra's famous features.

Canberra was not alone in a having a cold morning, with many other locations in New South Wales also experiencing sub-zero temperatures. Forbes and Condobolin both had their coldest morning of winter, recording minus two. It was only coastal towns that enjoyed a warmer start than most.

For those yearning for some warmer days, Canberra looks to hang around the mid-teens this weekend, before warming into the high-teens during Monday and Tuesday. While Sunday and Monday could also dip below freezing, warmer mornings are also on the cards, especially around mid-week, as the cloud begins to build ahead of an upcoming rain event.

For the last day of the month clouds will build, ahead of what is shaping up to be a great start to September's rainfall.

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Weather News - Waves pound southern WA

Drew Casper-Richardson, 28 August 2016

A deep low pressure system has sent a wintry blast over southwest WA and has also generated some massive waves along parts of the southern and southwestern coasts.

On Saturday the deep low moved over the Leeuwin and Albany Coasts sending rain, gusty winds and massive waves onto the coastline. The largest waves recorded were along the Leeuwin Coast where significant wave heights reached 6.5 metres, and 6 metres along the Albany Coast.

On Sunday morning the low had started moving east of Albany. Wave heights are forecast to be slightly lower than Saturday however the southerly to southwesterly swell is expected to reach 4-6 metres along the Leeuwin and Albany coasts and offshore along the Bunbury Geographe Coast. Perth will be somewhat protected from the biggest of the waves however a 3-5 metre swell is expected offshore with 2-3 metres likely for the Perth Local Waters.

On Monday the low will weaken as is continues to move eastwards into the Great Australian Bight. This will allow wave heights to gradually ease through the day and even further on Tuesday when a 2-3 metre swell is expected.

A cold front will bring another increase in winds and wave heights on Wednesday however heights won't reach those experienced this weekend.

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Weather News - Wet system on track for ski resorts

James Casey, 28 August 2016

Make the most of the next few days on the slopes as the weather is set to take a turn for the worse.

A broad ridge of high pressure sitting over the southeast of the nation is bringing perfect conditions up on the mountain today and tomorrow. While there will be some patchy cloud over the resorts, it is not limiting visibility.

Temperatures will cool below freezing overnight, meaning the snow guns will be able to fire up, providing a nice top up on the main runs. Daytime temperatures will steadily increase over the next few days as the airmass heats up under the high.

Cloud will begin to build ahead of a cold front on Tuesday. While the day will remain mostly dry, rain will begin to fall from the early evening. Falls will become heavy 30-50mm falling from Tuesday night into Wednesday. Unfortunately this will all fall as rain, washing away a lot of the seasons base.

There will be a brief reprieve on Thursday with showers easing before another front moves through on Friday. This second system will be a bit colder with about 5-10cm of wet snow falling about the peaks. At the bottom of the hill this system will again be too warm with another 30-50mm washing away any leftover snow.

The sun will make a return on Sunday, for those wanting to lay some tracks best to head up to the top of the resorts.

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