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Weather News - Victorians awaken in a house of haze and fog

Max Gonzalez, 22 July 2014

Victorians woke up this morning to a sight more related to the romantic scenes of the River Thames and the Big Ben engulfed in thick fog, than a typical Victorian morning.

Overnight, fog descended over much of the state making driving hazardous.

Earlier this morning, visibility got down to about 100 metres in thick fog across diverse areas of the state including Ballarat, Kilmore, Hamilton and Latrobe Valley.

In other places like Kerang, Ouyen and Seymour, the fog was so dense that it would have made it pretty hard for residents to see their hands extended in front of their faces.

In the state capital, the white fog made it a picture perfect morning of winter's dawn with the the Yarra becoming a mystic river. From its banks, scarcely anything was to be seen as visibility dropped to about 100 metres in many areas across the city including Mentone, Werribee and Tullamarine.

The reason for such widespread fog, is a lazy high pressure system over eastern Australia leading to light winds and clear night-time skies. These, combined with lingering moisture from fronts past have provided the weather gods with the right ingredients.

This fog has been taking a while to lift as winds are likely to remain light throughout the day and the winter sun struggles to burn if off. Although some sunshine should finally emerge earlier this afternoon, hazy conditions will persist across much of the state throughout the day leading to a chilly night and a bitter cold morning tomorrow ... with thick fog once again round the bend.

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Weather News - Just a short drive for Tasmanians to thaw out

Brett Dutschke, 21 July 2014

Tasmanians in search of a bit of warmth today didn't need to travel too far to escape from the gloomy chill after a frosty night.

Those in Fingal only had to drive 55 kilometres to find somewhere 10 degrees warmer.

If they left at 11am when the temperature was still only one degree, by the time they arrived in St Helens, at about 11:40am, they would have been greeted by comfortable 12-degree warmth. At midday, while those in St Helens enjoyed their al fresco lunch, Fingal was still only three degrees.

A deck of low cloud shrouded inland parts of Tasmania all morning while almost all of the coast had warmed up in the sunshine.

Launceston was another place covered by gloomy cloud until lunchtime, only warming up past zero degrees after 9am and past five degrees just before midday when the sunshine started poking through. At the same time Scottsdale, only 40-odd kilometres down the road, was a beaut 12 degrees.

For the rest of the day, this low cloud will continue to burn off, although some high cloud will take over. Thankfully, for those trying to thaw out from the frosty start to the day, the high cloud will be sparse enough to allow some sunshine through.

Liawenee had warmed to four degrees at lunchtime, only two degrees below its average maximum, after being as cold as -7.5 at sunrise, five below average and its coldest morning in six weeks.

Come tomorrow morning we may see a similar set-up to today. High cloud will clear, enabling frost and fog patches to redevelop. Fog and low cloud over inland areas may last well into the morning again with help from light winds under a high pressure system, prompting a short drive to the sunnier east coast.

- Weatherzone

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Weather News - Wild weather marching into SA

Kim Westcott, 22 July 2014

The joining of two weather systems will produce some wild conditions in South Australia for the next few days.

A low pressure trough originating from the tropics will link up with a low from the south, resulting in areas of rain, gusty winds and isolated thunderstorms.

Today, showers will develop in the North West Pastoral district as the low pressure trough creeps into the state. These showers will be mostly west of about Coober Pedy, bringing patchy falls of about 5-10mm.

As the two systems link up and deepen on Wednesday, showers will tend to rain about the coasts. Along the Lower Eyre and Yorke Peninsulas, falls are likely to be the heaviest with 15-25 mm possible. Most other parts of the state will receive some showers, with at least 1-5mm likely, although some areas will pick up around 10mm.

The low pressure system lingering around the coast will spin up some gusty winds, with strong winds ahead and behind the low throughout Wednesday. Thunderstorms are also possible along the coast during the day.

On Thursday, the system will lose a lot its puff as it crosses into the east, with showers likely to be light and isolated across the agricultural areas. A high pressure ridge will push in behind, allowing the showers to clear on Friday and mostly sunny conditions statewide for the weekend.

- Weatherzone

© Weatherzone 2014