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Weather News - Turning up the heat in the ACT

Kim Westcott, 25 October 2014

Canberra has begun its run of warmer than average days, with a few more on the cards.

Temperatures started heating up in earnest on Thursday as the mercury crept past 27 degrees. By Friday, 28 degrees was recorded, which is nine degrees above the monthly average. Sleeping was a struggle for those who tried to have a early night last night, with the temperature still 20 degrees by 9pm, only reaching the single digits in the early hours of this morning. Humidity remained high throughout the early morning making it feel a few degrees warmer.

Today the temperature climbed quickly, reaching 22 degrees before 10am. Canberra reached its forecast max of 30 degrees in the mid afternoon before the brief thunderstorms started, bringing some cooling. Humidity will remain high during Sunday morning with the chance of some morning fog, before the air becomes drier in the afternoon. Temperatures are expected to reach 29 degrees on Sunday.

For the start of the working week, Monday will be a mix of everything. A warm morning, before the winds and showers begin to move through. From Tuesday, temperatures will be more mild for a few days, hovering in the low 20's with indications of a warmer end to the week.

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Weather News - Foggy start to the weekend for Sydney

Drew Casper-Richardson, 25 October 2014

Thick fog engulfed the Sydney Basin on Saturday morning dropping visibility as low as 100m in some suburbs.

Those in the western suburbs awoke to the thickest of the fog. At Camden the visibility dropped as low as 100m. Even at 8am as the fog had started to clear in other areas visibility was still just 150m at Camden. Elsewhere in the west visibility dropped to 200m in Holsworthy and Richmond, 450m at Olympic Park and 500m at Bankstown.

The coast didn't escape the grey start to the weekend. While the Harbour Bridge was shrouded in fog the visibility at the airport dropped to just 250m.

As the sun climbed higher in the sky the fog started to burn off quickly, revealing a cloudless blue sky.

The fog formed due to high humidity levels and light winds overnight.

A southerly change moving up the New South Wales coast on Saturday will bring a slightly drier airmass with it. Despite this there remains plenty of moisture in the air and this coupled with light winds brings the risk of fog once again on Sunday morning.

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Weather News - Australians' passion for weather and its disparity

Max Gonzalez, 24 October 2014

For centuries, small talk has helped build relationships among people, with weather being an easy subject for small talk. Everyone has an interest in it and everyone has an opinion about it. This is more so in a country with a population that loves the great outdoors.

The beauty is ... that weather is perceived differently by different people, depending on the individual's paradigm.

On average, people living in urban areas care about the daily weather which will likely affect their commute to work or shape their weekend plans. In rural areas, however, it is the long term weather that has more importance as it shapes people's livelihood and for many have a direct effect on their income.

Living in such a vast country also adds to this disparity, while some might be affected by floods from tropical cyclones or severe storms in the tropical north others might be hard hit by drought in the country's heartland.

But what do people talk about when there is little weather going on and the little weather that there is has been covered quite extensively?

Well ... when the weather gods are on strike, we would always have climate.

- Weatherzone

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