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Weather News - Melbourne's searing heat to vanish in an instant

Rob Sharpe, 6 October 2015

Melbourne is enduring record heat, but this afternoon those only in t-shirts will feel the chill.

Yesterday Melbourne had its hottest day this early in the season on record, reaching 34 degrees. Today has broken the record again, reaching 35 degrees at 1pm. If it exceeds 35.4 degrees it will be the hottest pair of October days on record. This is staggering considering we are so close to the start of the month.

Change is in the air, and most Melburnians know it. Powerful northwesterly winds are often a precursor to a cold change and today's change will be more than noticeable. Around 3-4pm today the temperature will plummet from close to 35 degrees to about 20 degrees in the space of an hour. By 9pm the temperature will be near 15 degrees in the city.

As workers leave the office many will initially rejoice with the less oppressive temperatures, but not too long after will be rummaging in their bags for the non-existent second layer. The southwesterlies will initially be just as strong as the current northwesterlies, adding noticeable chill to the air.

Tomorrow the temperature will only reach 18 degrees. However from Friday each day will be above the October average of 20 degrees, but nowhere near the heat of the last few days.

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Weather News - Early October heat for Kalgoorlie

James Casey, 5 October 2015

Kalgoorlie has had its hottest start to October on record with days feeling more like summer than spring.

The first four days of October exceeded 33 degrees, making it the earliest October heat spell in over 70 years of records. For the entire month of October, a four day heat spell over 33 degrees hasn?t occurred since 1995.

This heat over Western Australia's interior was due to a slow moving high pressure system across the country. The high directed warm easterly winds across Central Australia, allowing heat to build up as it head west. A low pressure trough over Western Australia?s west coast trapped this heat as gusty northerly winds dragged the heat south over Kalgoorlie.

The trough moved across the Goldfields on Sunday allowing the heat to peak at 36 degrees before bringing a dramatic drop in daytime temperatures today. Today will only warm to the high 20s, a noticeable eight degrees colder than yesterday.

Tomorrow will be the coldest day of the week, just warming over the 20 degree mark. Another bout of heat isn't far off though as it starts to build from Wednesday, peaking in the mid-to-high 30s over the weekend.

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Weather News - Temperatures spike across NSW ahead tomorrow?s cool change

Tristan Meyers, 6 October 2015

It is the last day of a heat spell that has baked New South Wales, and like cinema choc-tops, records continue to melt.

Sydney, Dubbo, Condobolin, Balarand had their hottest trio of days this early in the season on record. Albury basked in their warmest day this early in the season since 1994 at 34 degrees. This heat is reflected across the state, with many places not seeing temperatures this hot since early autumn.

Every location across the state today recorded temperatures well above average. The South Coast in particular baked, with stations reporting a collective 14 degrees above the October average. Narooma clocked up an impressive 36 degrees, 17 degrees above the average and the hottest day this early in the season on record.

A gusty change will work its way up the NSW coast on Wednesday, bringing a five-to-ten degree drop in temperature due to a cooler airmass trailing in its wake. Along the edge of this southerly change will be a brief period of gales, but winds look to abate soon after it passes. Unfortunately the much needed cooling won't reach the entirety of the state - the Northwest Slopes and Plains, Northern Tablelands and northern parts of the Upper Western will have one more hot day tomorrow before temperatures drop on Thursday.

Later this week, a moisture-laden trough looks to develop over inland parts of the state, bringing the risk of thunderstorms. Forecasters will be keeping a close eye on the development of these systems due to the potential for a lightning strike sparking up a fire. Hot, dry winds in this week's heat spell has significantly dried out vegetation in across NSW, so ground strikes from the first few storms on Thursday or Friday may act to trigger fires.

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