Several weather systems set to pummel NZ

Kim Westcott, 26-Apr

New Zealanders are bracing for a week of wild weather.

Cold and frosty lead-up to the last weekend of April

Jacobus Cronje, 26-Apr

Frosty morning temperatures are expected over Victoria and New South Wales on Thursday.

Freezing nights to come for Canberra

Graeme Brittain, 25-Apr

Night-time temperatures will drop well below average in the Capital from Wednesday.

Warm oceans fuelling late end to big wet season

Brett Dutschke, 25-Apr

Warmer-than-normal oceans have contributed to a late end to a big wet season across the southern hemisphere.

ANZAC Day Dawn Service Forecast

Ben Domensino, 24-Apr

What will the weather be like for ANZAC Day Dawn Services around the country? Sydney will be dry with temperatures ranging from around 18 degrees in the east to 14 in the west.

Rain, storms and snow loom for Australia's southeast

Ben Domensino, 24-Apr

The best rain in three-to-six months will soak parts of the Murray-Darling Basin during the next three days, before a wintry blast grips Australia's southeast.

Far north QLD gets a drenching

Kim Westcott, 23-Apr

Heavy rain has fallen over Queensland's far north and there is more tropical activity on the cards this week.

NSW School-children say YES to sunshine

Sam Terry, 22-Apr

New South Wales: The Premier State, the state other states love to hate.

More rain headed for South Australia

Jacobus Cronje, 22-Apr

While thundery clouds and showers are clearing over South Australia over the weekend, more rainfall is headed to the southern and southeastern parts of the country early next week.

Friday night lights

Ben Domensino, 21-Apr

People in some of Australia's southern states could witness the Aurora Australis tonight.

Record April rain soaks southern states

Ben Domensino, 21-Apr

Two month's worth of rain has fallen in agricultural regions of South Australia and Victoria during the last 24 hours, with some areas breaking records for this time of the year.

Outback deluge transforms Uluru

Ben Domensino, 20-Apr

Waterfalls have been cascading down Uluru this week as thunderstorms rumble over the Red Centre.

Late-season warmth in Tasmania

Ben Domensino, 20-Apr

Parts of Tasmania are having their warmest day this late in the season for almost 50 years.

Rain looms for Lower Murray-Darling

Ben Domensino, 19-Apr

Parts of the Lower Murray-Darling Basin could receive a month's worth of rain during the next two days.

Warm night in parched Adelaide

Ben Domensino, 19-Apr

Adelaide woke up to its warmest April morning in 10 years but a change is on the way.

April sun treating SA, TAS, VIC and NSW so right

Brett Dutschke, 18-Apr

Much of South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales are being treated so right by the April sun, helping it warm five-to-10 degrees above average, the warmest this late in autumn in several years.

Another peppering of showers for the eastern seaboard

Bob Neil, 18-Apr

Showers will again make return to plague the New South Wales and Queensland coast this week, bringing an end to the generally clear and warm Easter weekend.

Northern tropics quiet down

Joel Pippard, 17-Apr

The tropical low that made Darwin rug up last week has now dissipated of Western Australia's Pilbara coast.

Electric skies over WA's Goldfields and Southern Interior

Craig McIntosh, 17-Apr

A low and trough is delivering plenty of lightning to southern central WA to finish off the Easter long weekend.

Wet start to April after a record-breaking March for Lord Howe Island

Jacobus Cronje, 16-Apr

Following a very wet March, Lord Howe Island received another good douse of rain during the first week of April 2017.

Sun-soaked Easter Sunday for much of Australia

Rob Sharpe, 16-Apr

Now that the sun has risen on Easter Sunday, celebrations are in full swing, with only a few showers in the north and west dampening the mood.

Cold April morning for parts of NSW

Jacobus Cronje, 15-Apr

A number of locations in New South Wales had their coldest April morning in several years, including parts of Sydney.

Fog blankets parts of NSW

Drew Casper-Richardson, 15-Apr

Residents in some inland parts of NSW awoke to a thick blanket of fog on Saturday morning.

No Easter respite for parts of New Zealand

Jacobus Cronje, 14-Apr

Following a few days of heavy rainfall and squally conditions due to a slow-moving front and low, additional severe weather conditions from ex-Tropical Cyclone Cook continue to be felt over parts of Aotearoa.

Dry Easter for a change

James Casey, 14-Apr

Sydney and Brisbane are set for a surprisingly sunny and dry Easter.

Cyclone no-show

Ben Domensino, 13-Apr

A tropical low near Western Australia's Kimberley District has failed to develop into a tropical cyclone.

Darwin shivers through record cold day

Ben Domensino, 12-Apr

Darwin locals have had to layer up like never before during the wet season.

Cyclone Cook bearing down on New Zealand

Ben Domensino, 12-Apr

New Zealand is bracing for another round of severe weather, with the remnants of Tropical Cyclone Cook Tropical expected to cross the country later this week.

Sydney swell builds

Ben Domensino, 11-Apr

Wave heights have increased rapidly near the central coast of New South Wales today.

Darwin approaching wet season record

Ben Domensino, 11-Apr

Darwin's prosperous wet season is about to receive another burst of rain as the threat of a tropical cyclone looms for the Top End.

Top End cyclone threat

Ben Domensino, 10-Apr

Australia's late-season cyclone surge continues this week and Darwin may be impacted in the coming days.

Wintry blast brings early-season snow

Ben Domensino, 10-Apr

Australia's southeast is shivering through its first real taste of cold weather for the year as an impressive cover of early-season snow blankets the alps.

Vigorous cold front blasts the southeast

Drew Casper-Richardson, 09-Apr

A strong cold front is making its presence felt as it continues its march across the southeast.

Late-season tropical activity

Jacobus Cronje, 09-Apr

With tropical cyclone season soon to wrap up, Australian and nearby tropical waters have seen a surge in cyclone activity late in the season.

West coast of Australia the place to be this weekend

Jacobus Cronje, 08-Apr

West coast of Australia the place to be this weekend With cold and stormy weather affecting the southern and southeastern parts of the country in coming days, while residual flooding and strong winds still plague the east, it looks like the best beach weather can be found along the west coast.

Autumnal week ahead for Sydney

Graeme Brittain, 08-Apr

After a pleasant burst of warmth this weekend, strong winds, frequent showers and cooler temperatures will dominate the weather next week.

Wintry woes in Victoria on Sunday

Ben Domensino, 07-Apr

It will be a weekend of two halves in Melbourne as the strongest cold front so far this season crosses Victoria on Sunday.

Cyclone Ernie to dodge Australia

Ben Domensino, 07-Apr

Australia has just doubled last season's number of tropical cyclones after Ernie joined the tally overnight.