A mild last month of spring for Sydney

Graeme Brittain, 19-Nov

November is shaping up to a disappointing month for those hoping for some late-Spring heat.

Fierce Storms lash Western Australia

Joel Pippard, 19-Nov

Wind gusts in excess of 110km/h were recorded yesterday afternoon as storms rolled over WA's southeast.

Cooler conditions for Perth before heat set to return

Thomas Hough, 18-Nov

Perth is set for a run of cooler conditions over the next few days, following on from a two week period of mostly well above average temperatures.

Storms leave a white blanket on the Blue Mountains

Graeme Brittain, 18-Nov

Parts of the Blue Mountains reported a covering of hail on Friday afternoon, as severe thunderstorms rolled through the area.

Severe storms affecting multiple states

Ben Domensino, 17-Nov

Severe thunderstorms are affecting parts of Victoria, NSW, the ACT and Queensland today.

Stormy change in Melbourne

Ben Domensino, 15-Nov

Melbourne's warm spell came to an abrupt end this afternoon as a southerly change swept through the city, with peakhour storms adding to the turbulent weather.

Stormy end to the week in eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 15-Nov

A prolonged spell of stormy weather will affect Australia's eastern states during the second half of this week.

Southern heat update

Ben Domensino, 14-Nov

Some areas of southern Australia are having their warmest November day in more than a decade today.

Summer preview in southeastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 14-Nov

Parts of Victoria and SA will experience their highest temperatures in eight to nine months today as the mercury soars 15 degrees above average in both states.

Fire bans issued as heat builds

Ben Domensino, 13-Nov

Total fire bans have been issued in multiple states on Tuesday as temperatures rise in Australia's southeast inland.

Sunday night storms light up Perth

Ben Domensino, 13-Nov

Severe thunderstorms targeted populated areas in Western Australia on Sunday night.

Heat set to stick around for Perth

Graeme Brittain, 12-Nov

Perth has seen consistently above average temperatures this month, with no signs of any substantial cooling.

Storms to be the talk of the bush in QLD and NSW

Rob Sharpe, 12-Nov

Farmers and pastoralists across much of NSW and parts of QLD have had a fairly dry winter and spring, but hope is on the way.

Blocking high, sunny sky

Thomas Hough, 11-Nov

Whilst half of the nation is currently experiencing some pretty stormy conditions the other half is enjoying pleasant temperatures and plenty of sunshine.

More Thunder Down Under

Sam Terry, 11-Nov

Severe weather season is definitely in full swing as every state proves likely to see a thunderstorm fire up in the next week.

Warmest weekend in eight months for Melbourne, Adelaide

Ben Domensino, 10-Nov

Temperatures will be on the rise in southern Australia this weekend.

Southern heat here to stay

Ben Domensino, 09-Nov

South Australia will experience a prolonged spell of early season heat during the next six days.

Spring seesaw swinging slowly in Melbourne

Ben Domensino, 09-Nov

Many Melburnians would be be happy to see some warmer weather in their forecast this week after the city's longest late-season cool spell in four years.

Warm, dry week ahead for inland NSW

Ben Domensino, 08-Nov

The next week will be mostly warm and dry across inland areas of NSW, although a rain-bearing system may be on the horizon.

Queensland recovering after severe storms on Tuesday

Ben Domensino, 08-Nov

Wild storms caused damaging winds, heavy rainfall and large hail in parts of eastern Queensland on Tuesday.

Severe storms threaten QLD

Ben Domensino, 07-Nov

Severe thunderstorms are targeting parts of Queensland today, with the potential for very dangerous storms in populated areas.

Soggy start to a chilly Melbourne Cup Day

Ben Domensino, 07-Nov

Cup Day is underway in Melbourne and it's feeling a bit nippy trackside.

NSW severe storm update

Ben Domensino, 06-Nov

A line of intense thunderstorms moved through parts of central and northern NSW on Monday afternoon.

Severe weather targets NSW

Ben Domensino, 06-Nov

Heavy rain, damaging wind, severe thunderstorms and hazardous surf will affect NSW today, prompting multiple warnings across the state.

Tasman Low looms

Drew Casper-Richardson, 05-Nov

More rain is on the way for parts of New South Wales with a Tasman Low forecast to spin up late on Monday.

Northern WA heat spreading south

Thomas Hough, 05-Nov

The current set-up over Western Australia is bringing hot, dry and windy conditions, leading to elevated fire danger over a large proportion of the state.

Cold start to November for Sydney

Lachlan Maher, 04-Nov

Sydneysiders are in for their coldest weekend in months as cloud and showers develop.

Freezing night for southern Australia

Thomas Hough, 04-Nov

Last night saw temperatures dip below freezing in a number of places across southeast South Australia and western and central Victoria.

Coldest Derby-Cup double in 43 years

Ben Domensino, 03-Nov

Racegoers are set to shiver through the coldest Derby Day-Cup Day double since 1974.

Stray iceberg stuns researchers on Macquarie Island

Ben Domensino, 02-Nov

A large iceberg has been spotted off the coast of Macquarie Island this week.

Warm start to November in Perth

Ben Domensino, 02-Nov

Perth is forecast to have its warmest opening week of November on record.

Record October warmth in Hobart

Ben Domensino, 01-Nov

Temperature records tumbled in Tasmania during October as parts of the state experienced unprecedented mid-spring warmth.

Heat subsides as rain ramps up in NSW

Ben Domensino, 01-Nov

NSW experienced a shift in weather patterns during October as record-breaking early-season heat was replaced by more frequent days of cloud and rain.

Dangerous surf in NSW

Ben Domensino, 31-Oct

Large and powerful surf will affect the NSW coastline for the next two days as a low pressure system deepens over the Tasman Sea.

Australia's first 45 degrees

Ben Domensino, 31-Oct

Australia recorded its first 45 degree day of the season this week as Western Australia's Kimberley endures a sweltering end to October.