Strong front to lash southern WA tonight

Ben Domensino, 27-Jul

A strong cold front crossing the southwest corner of Western Australia tonight could cause damaging, possibly destructive, wind gusts in some areas.

Snow keeps getting deeper in July

Ben Domensino, 27-Jul

The snow depth in Australia's alps has increased during the past four consecutive weeks as July continues to make up for a sluggish start to the season.

July rain stacking up in Perth

Ben Domensino, 26-Jul

Perth was soaked by heavy showers this morning, continuing a trend of frequent wet weather in the city this month.

Fire threat looms amid record winter warmth

Ben Domensino, 26-Jul

Unseasonable and potentially record-breaking July heat will elevate fire danger ratings across parts of southeastern Australia this weekend.

Windy night ahead for NSW, Vic

Ben Domensino, 25-Jul

It's going to be a blustery night in parts of eastern NSW, Victoria and Tasmania with damaging gusts possible in some areas into tomorrow morning.

Weekend warmth to challenge records in NSW

Ben Domensino, 25-Jul

Record-breaking July warmth could affect parts of NSW this weekend before a strong cold front sweeps over the state.

Brisbane thawing out after cold start

Ben Domensino, 24-Jul

Brisbane is enjoying a warm day after its coldest morning in two years.

Waterspout rips through Perth suburb

Ben Domensino, 24-Jul

A waterspout rattled Perth's coastal suburb of Scarborough on Sunday, sending cars - and social media - into a spin.

Flooding rainfall event over NZ also blankets alps in snow

Jacobus Cronje, 23-Jul

A complex series of troughs, fronts and an associated low pressure system led to heavy rainfall across New Zealand's South Island this weekend, also resulting in a fair bit of snow over the Southern Alps.

NSW basks in spring warmth: Will it last?

Thomas Hough, 23-Jul

Over the next few days parts of NSW will experience significantly warmer-than-average days with high pressure over the region bringing westerly winds from the interior.

Dry winter exacerbated by frost over growing regions

Jess Miskelly, 22-Jul

Winter has made itself felt in recent days over the southeastern inland but not in the form of rain bearing cold fronts.

Canberra's cold, dry start to winter

Ben Domensino, 21-Jul

Canberra is known for its cold weather, although this winter has been even colder - and drier - than usual.

Late-week frost covers eastern Australia

Ben Domensino, 21-Jul

It's a frosty end to the week across much of eastern and southeast Australia, with parts of four states experiencing their lowest temperature in two years this morning.

Warm week ahead for NSW

Ben Domensino, 20-Jul

Sydney is about to take a break from winter, with a run of warm and spring-like weather on the cards for NSW next week.

Alps looking good after abundant July snow

Ben Domensino, 20-Jul

Australia's alps have bounced back from a woeful start to the season, with today marking three consecutive weeks of snow gain.

Change spreading through Queensland

Ben Domensino, 19-Jul

Parts of central Queensland are having their warmest July day in more than 20 years today, while the southeast shivers.

Snow north of Newcastle, Tasmania next in line

Ben Domensino, 19-Jul

Snow has fallen on the Central and Northern Tablelands of NSW today as a pool of cold air spreads across the state.

Winter takes a break in Qld, NSW

Ben Domensino, 18-Jul

It was a spring-like day in parts of Queensland and NSW today, although a return of wintry weather is just around the corner.

Another turbulent day in South Australia

Ben Domensino, 18-Jul

Strong winds continue to buffet South Australia today following the heaviest rain in more than a year in some parts of the state.

Earthquake near Sydney

Ben Domensino, 17-Jul

A small earthquake occurred off the coast of Sydney this morning.

Wintry week in southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 17-Jul

A series of complex low pressure systems, fronts and troughs will bring cold, wet and windy weather to southern Australia this week.

Coldest morning of winter for NSW Alps

Rob Sharpe, 16-Jul

In Thredbo, Perisher and Cooma, this morning was the coldest it has been all winter.

Stormy and Stunning Skies across southeast QLD

Joel Pippard, 16-Jul

Summer-like storms have flashed across the skies of Queensland, leaving a rare fogbow in its wake.

Cold front set to impact WA and SA before reaching the east next week

Jacobus Cronje, 15-Jul

With very little time between recent rainfall events, southwestern parts of Western Australia are feeling the cold and wet from another front this weekend.

Highs, lows and snow for the southeast

Craig McIntosh, 15-Jul

A freezing Sunday morning coming up for much of the southeast before another cold front kick starts the working week with gusty showers and healthy snowfalls over the Alps.

NZ wild weather on its way out

Kim Westcott, 14-Jul

After a three-day battle against the worst weather that winter can bring, there is some reprieve on the cards for New Zealand.

A bit of wet with the cold

Bob Neil, 14-Jul

More winter showers are forecast for parts of southern Australia over the weekend, in addition to the already cold temperatures expected.

Somewhat snowy weekend for alps

Bob Neil, 13-Jul

A cold front leading to a cold morning over parts of southeastern Australia is set to deliver snowfalls over the alps.

Weekend of cold mornings for the southeast

Bob Neil, 13-Jul

The southeastern states are in for cold mornings this weekend following a trend of below average mornings this July.

State of Origin forecast

Ben Domensino, 12-Jul

Tonight's deciding match in this year's State of Origin series will see Queensland's Maroons take on the New South Wales Blues at Suncorp Stadium in Brisbane.

Rainy respite from frosty mornings

Ben Domensino, 12-Jul

Australia's southeast will be given a chance to thaw out during the next couple of mornings following a string of frosty starts.

Frequent frosts replace absent rainfall

Ben Domensino, 11-Jul

Locals in NSW may have taken a while to thaw out today after some areas experienced their coldest morning in seven years.

Wild week of weather in New Zealand

Ben Domensino, 11-Jul

A series of intense weather systems will produce a four-day spell of wild wintry weather in New Zealand this week.

NT flood threat

Ben Domensino, 10-Jul

Parts of Australia's interior are on flood watch today following four month's worth of rain 24 hours.

A year makes a lot of difference in regional NSW

Rob Sharpe, 09-Jul

Last year, New South Wales enjoyed its third wettest winter on record, but this year is leaving the ground dry as chips.

Stormy Night for New Zealand

Joel Pippard, 09-Jul

Thunderstorms have flashed across the North Island overnight as a low pressure system bears down on Aotearoa.

SA starts July with some healthy rain

Jacobus Cronje, 08-Jul

After a very dry June, the southeastern parts of South Australia are receiving a good dousing.

Sunny weekend for Sydney, but rain on the horizon

Graeme Brittain, 08-Jul

Pleasant sunny skies will dominate this weekend, before conditions deteriorate into next week.