Synoptic Chart Summary

Synoptic Chart Australia - D0 Tuesday, 11:00 EST

A cold front, trough and developing low over eastern NSW is generating gusty winds, rain and thunderstorms. A trough over southern WA is causing showers. Onshore winds are bringing the odd shower to eastern QLD.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D1 Wednesday, 22:00 EST

A low and trough will cause wind, rain and storms in eastern NSW. Warm and gusty winds will increase over western parts of SA, ahead of a low pressure trough. A gusty cold front will cross the southwest, bringing a showery cool change.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D2 Thursday, 22:00 EST

Very warm and gusty winds will move across SA and western VIC ahead of a low pressure trough. A cold front clipping the south will bring a few showers over southern WA and southern SA. Onshore winds may trigger a few showers for eastern NSW and southeast QLD.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D3 Friday, 22:00 EST

A trough looks to deepen over the southeast, bringing showers and storms with warm winds ahead of it. A cold front will follow, bringing brisk showers to the south. Onshore winds will bring showers to the east coast. Hot winds in the north under clear skies.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D4 Saturday, 22:00 EST

A low pressure trough in the east looks to deepen further over NSW, bringing areas of rain and thunderstorms. Breezy and cool onshore winds may bring a few showers to SA, VIC and TAS. A trough in the west is drawing warm winds towards the coast.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D5 Sunday, 22:00 EST

A low pressure trough could produce showers and storms over northeast NSW and southeast QLD. A series of fronts crossing the far south should bring cool showers to southeast SA, VIC and TAS. A trough over central Australia may bring thundery showers.

Synoptic Chart Australia - D6 Monday, 22:00 EST

A cold front crossing the southeast will bring gusty showers and the odd storm to TAS, VIC and southeast SA. A trough over central and eastern parts may trigger showers and isolated storms. Easterly winds should bring showers to tropical QLD.