Wintry weekend in NSW

Scott Morris, 14 July 2019

Temperatures in NSW over this weekend have been colder than normal due to a strong cold front that is continuing to bring brisk winds to the region.

The cold front rolled over yesterday and daytime heating was halted, some places further south recorded their lowest maximum for the month. Cabramurra had a maximum of -2 degrees and Katoomba only reached 4 degrees, both these places recording their coldest July days since 2016.

It was a cold day across the Central Tablelands as well, with the temperature in Orange not going above 5 degrees, which is 5 degrees below the average. Nullo Mountain also had a 5 degree day, its coldest day since August 2017.

The minimum temperatures today have already indicated that the cold should linger a little longer. Glen Innes had a minimum of -9 degrees and Armidale recorded -5 degrees, with these minima being 8 and 5 degrees below average respectively.

This weather is good news for skiers. Temperatures in Thredbo only reached -5 degrees yesterday while the minimum was at -7 degrees this morning. Snow has already fallen over the alpine regions of NSW, with more expected to fall today. While the rest of the week is not looking as good, a few snow showers are possible, with the best chance on Wednesday and Thursday.

The gusty winds experienced yesterday have returned today, with the Bureau of Meteorology reissuing a damaging wind warning for southeastern parts of NSW. The strongest winds are likely to arrive in the afternoon. However, Thredbo had already received a 111km/h wind gust at 9:38am.

Despite a couple of fronts crossing the southeast, the temperatures over the next week shouldn't be as cold as the ones experienced this weekend as the intensity of these fronts will be weaker.