Windy change sweeping across southern Australia

Ben Domensino, 10 September 2018

A strong cold front will cause damaging winds and raised dust in parts of southern Australia on Tuesday.

Cold air moving up from the Southern Ocean will interact with warm continental air sitting over Australia during Tuesday, producing a burst of strong winds as the atmosphere tries to restore equilibrium. While this type of weather is typical at this time of year in southern Australia, some areas may experience damaging wind gusts. Severe weather warnings have been issued in parts of South Australia and Victoria during Tuesday, including areas around Adelaide and Melbourne.

Strong northerly winds ahead of the approaching front will be warm and dry, which is likely to cause areas of raised dust over inland areas of South Australia, southwestern NSW and western Victoria on Tuesday.

This warm northerly flow of air should cause the mercury to climb around 10 degrees above average in some places before the front arrives, including Mildura (31C), which is forecast to have its earliest day over 30 degrees in five years on Tuesday.

Showers and a blustery southwesterly change will bring a noticeable drop in temperatures as the cold front sweeps over South Australia during the day on Tuesday, before moves into Tasmania, Victoria and western NSW during the afternoon and evening.

Wind will ease behind the front on Wednesday as cool air spreads across southern Australia. Mildura is only forecast to reach a near-average top of 20 degrees on Wednesday, which could be more than 10 degrees cooler than the previous day.

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