Western Australia rain, snow and frost

Sam Brown, 17 August 2019

A strong cold front delivered at least some rain to most central and southern districts of WA, except for Eucla, over the last 24 hours.

The heaviest falls were contained to the southwest and southern coastal areas. 47.4mm fell in Bickley, 43mm in Dwellingup and 31.6mm in Shannon. This was Dwellingup's heaviest rain since August last year and Bickley's heaviest fall in over a month.

Albany airport calls for a notable mention as 27.2mm fell, which was potentially it's heaviest 24 hour rain since September 2017.

There were also reports of a few centimetres of snow falling overnight along the Stirling Ranges.

As the system moves further east into South Australia, gusty winds will ease and light showers will be confined to southern coastal areas for the remainder of today and Sunday.

Cool air in the wake of this system will bring some very chilly mornings and widespread areas of frost over the next few days.

Perth will see a run of overnight temperatures dipping below five degrees.