Welcome to the holidays

Jess Miskelly, 13 April 2019

The school holidays are upon us in the southeast and parents may be glad to know that it's going to be a conducive week for being outside.

Across NSW today it will be mostly sunny and dry across the south and inland with warm autumn temperatures in the mid to high twenties, climbing to over thirty further northwest. Further south, for those in Victoria, Tasmania and SA, those showery clouds you can see will be short-lived - Sunday will be mostly sunny and warmer.  

In fact by Tuesday, temperatures will climb to summer numbers, reaching over 35 for the inland southeast, the 30's for Adelaide, high 20's for Melbourne and numbers in between in between. That's 7-11 degrees above average for this time of year.   

Tuesday will also see a return to mostly sunny conditions for the Sydney area which will retreat briefly to showery, cloudy weather Sunday and Monday. With the warm and humid onshore winds, the chance of showers persists for east coastal NSW much of the week but they'd be brief and not mess up outdoor activities too much.

A cool change Wednesday, probably later for southeast SA will bring the chance of patchy rain and/or a storm that will spread to Victoria and far southern NSW Thursday.  Even this will be a brief interruption to outdoor weather though, and conditions will bounce back on Good Friday to be as warm as they were on Tuesday.

The Easter long weekend will likely be the last of the balminess however with strong indications of a vigorous cold front crossing the southeast by the new week. This is likely to bring rainfall and though the area is uncertain, falls of 20+mm are likely for some inland areas that need it.

The front will also drop temperatures markedly.  So the mornings will get cold just in time for Anzac Day.