Warm spell in Melbourne and Hobart

Ben Domensino, 16 April 2019

Melbourne will enjoy two bouts of unseasonably warm weather this week.

Temperatures will climb across Victoria on Tuesday and Wednesday as warm air drifts across the state ahead of an approaching cold front.

After a brief burst of cooler weather on Thursday and Friday, the mercury will climb once again as northerly winds redevelop on the weekend.

Four out of the next six days are forecast to reach the mid-to-high twenties in Melbourne, which is well above the city's average maximum temperature of 20 degrees at this time of year.

If Melbourne hits its forecast tops of 29 degrees in Tuesday and 28 on Wednesday, it will be their warmest pair of days this late in the season for 26 years.

Milder weather will return to Melbourne by the start of next week, following the passage of a cold front on Sunday or Monday.

Tasmania will also be affected by this week's warmth. Hobart's forecast tops of 25 degrees on Tuesday and 26 on Wednesday would be the city's warmest pair of days this late in the season for 19 years.