Warm and sunny, but no real rain in sight for Perth

Kim Westcott, 7 April 2019

With lots of sunshine, it will be a lovely week in Perth, with temperatures reaching the high 20's-to-low 30's most days this week.

On Saturday morning, the temperature dipped to 7.2 degrees, making it the coldest April morning in a decade. However this week, even the mornings will be on the warmer end of the spectrum.

The warmer weather is due to large parts of northern Australia remaining sunny for some time now, allowing heat to build.

On Sunday across parts of the Pilbara and Gascoyne, the mercury will reach the high 30's and potentially low 40's. This inland heat is being directed south ahead of a lingering low pressure trough.

As well as being warm, the week ahead is likely to be a fairly dry one. While the scoreboard currently sits at 0 mm this month, having a dry April is not that unusual.

In records that go back to 1876, there have been four years (1920, 1977, 1982 and 2017) which have not picked up any rain during the entire month of April. Perth would typically pick up 36 mm during April, falling over seven days.

The next best chance of rain is in a week’s time, as a cold front clips the southwest.