Things are getting hot in northwestern WA

Craig McIntosh, 3 November 2019

Temperatures are likely to rise significantly over the coming days for northwestern WA as a trough deepens over the region.

Maximum temperatures, and to a lesser extent minimums, are forecast to reach well-above what's normal for this time of year in some western parts of WA's Kimberley, prompting the Bureau of Meteorology to issue a heatwave warning for parts of the district.

Broome could heat up to around 43 degrees on Monday, about nine degrees hotter than average. If it reaches 43 degrees, it will be Broome's hottest November day since 1996, although there are a few years between then and now with November days reaching 42.8 and 42.9 degrees, so it could be a close one.

Derby is also forecast to reach similar temperatures on Monday with hot, dry south-southeast winds. Due to the hot temperatures and gusty dry winds, fire danger has been elevated to Extreme for the West Kimberley Coast on Monday, remaining at Severe for Kimberley Inland whilst the North Kimberley Coast will stay at High with help from onshore winds.

Temperatures are only going to lower slightly for the remainder of the week over the Kimberley, so expect fire danger warnings to continue. Heatwave conditions for parts of the Kimberley district are also likely to continue this week.