Tasmanian town set to break rainfall record

Hannah Wilson, 28 July 2019

Thanks to the continued onset of cold fronts across Australia's south, the town of Strahan in Tasmania's west has a high chance of breaking not only its July rainfall record but also its record for any month in the year. 

There has been little relief for Tasmanians as cold fronts continue to bring widespread rainfall, strong winds, chilling temperatures and highland snow to the southern state. The most recent cold front which moved through Saturday evening brought yet another downpour to the Western region of Tasmania, with Strahan receiving just over 12mm to add to its monthly rainfall total. 

So far this month Strahan has recorded 312mm of rainfall, with the July record 326mm (2002). With showers forecast everyday for the last few remaining days of July, it is quite possible that a new record may be set before the month is over. The highest total rainfall in any month for Strahan is 329mm (August, 2013) so it may even be possible that this record will be broken in the coming days. 

The next cold front is set to impact Tasmania's west coast Sunday evening, with already multiple warnings in place. A Gale Warning for the South West Coast and Strong Wind Warning for the South East Coast and Central West Coast as well as a Sheep Graziers Warning for the South East with the risk of cold temperatures, rain and strong southwesterly winds. This front may bring just enough rainfall for Strahan to beat its previously held records. 

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