Sydney's balmy autumn

Joel Pippard, 1 June 2019

Sydney has just recorded its third warmest autumn on record, along with its fifth warmest May.

During this autumn, Sydney's days have been a toasty average of 24.7 degrees or 2.5 degrees above the long-term average (161 year history). Along with the above average nights (16.0 degrees) this makes it Sydney's third hottest autumn overall (1.9 degrees above average) and for maximum temperatures, behind 2016 and 2018.  

May was also a particularly warm month, making it the fifth hottest on record overall (+2.1 degrees above average) and fourth hottest for maximum temperatures averaging 22.6 degrees). A cool end to the month prevented Sydney from challenging the record set back in 2014.

This past season was part of an ongoing trend towards warmer autumns. The top four hottest autumns were all in the past six years (2016, 2018, 2019 and 2014). Looking over the last 40 autumns, only two were below the long-term average (2008 and 1984).

This winter is expected to be warmer than average again for Sydney, particularly for daytime temperatures. However, nights may be cool due to dry air sticking around Australia.