Stunning tornado filmed in South Dakota, USA

Ben Domensino, 1 July 2019

An unusually serene video of a mesmerising tornado was captured in South Dakota on the weekend.

The picturesque tornado was filmed by Amie Kuxhaus near the town of Allen in South Dakota on Saturday. This area is located in the Midwest region of the United States, towards the northern end of the infamous 'Tornado Alley.'

While videos of tornadoes are usually shaky and wild, Amie's clip is so peaceful that birds and insects can be heard clearly in the background.

The unfamiliar combination of calm, sunny weather and a well-structured tornado caused some people to question the video's authenticity. However, other videos and photos of the same tornado from different angles have since verified its existence.'

If you are positioned far enough away from the air flowing into and out of a tornado-bearing thunderstorm, the weather can be eerily calm. It's also possible for the sun to be shining in areas surrounding the storm cloud, particularly when the sun is low in the sky near the end of the day.

Many storm chasers are calling this the 'tornado of the year' in what has been an active season of severe thunderstorms in the central United States.